Kama sutra?

What are some good love making books out there? My girlfriend & I are always looking at them. I want to know more about Kama Sutra? What the hell is this? How long has it been around? How does it work?!

The Kama Sutra is an ancient book from India (i think that’s the country) Anyway, it’s all about sex, differnt positions, and techniques. I’d recommend picking up Anne Hooper’s verion. It has pictures and some interesting info. Go to your local bookstore and brouse for a while! Two other good ones are ‘Mind Blowing Sex in the Real World’ - I can’t remember who wrote it and ‘Sex for Dummies’ by Dr. Ruth. don’t let the title fool you, it’s pretty interesting, and done in the ‘dummies books’ format. Want to add some ‘spice’ pick up one of the tear-out books, ‘101 hot nights’ or something like that. They have little senerios and other ‘stuff’ that is supposed to be good. I’ve seen a few - I don’t have the book and you can’t read it with out riping it apart. Some can be pretty cheesy ideas, but if nothing else they can be funny.

kama sutra is the ancient art of love making. The Indians (from India) were doing kama sutra for ages. Kama sutra comprises itself of various sexual positions designed to hit the pleasure zone of a women. Now a lot of these positions are way advanced and require extreme flexibility, almost like gymnast. When I was around 10 or 12 years old I used to spend my afternoons in the public library reading. What my mom didn’t know was that I was studying sex and kama sutra books. My thinking was that any guy can stick their manhood into a women but it takes a real man to pleasure her beyond belief. So I read and learned the various erogenous zones and kama sutra position so when the time came I was prepared. Consider me a nerd but it was the smartest thing that I ever did.

Being on different boards I’ve noticed posts about guys complaining that their girls aren’t ever in the mood or have a low sex drive. I think some of this may have to do with their lack of knowlegde in the bed. This is only my opinion so i hope i don’t get flamed for it.
The true secret to kama sutra is self control and letting your girl finish before you do. Once you practice some kama sutra positions you will learn what your girl likes. Once you find that “special” position, it won’t take you forever to get her off. Making it easier it for you to do your thing.:wink: