KAM52's Log

I decided to start a log so I can keep track of my training and get input from more experienced lifters. My current split is as follows…

Monday- db bench 1rp set, push press-1 top set, underhand lat pulldowns 1rp set.

Tues- conventional dead lift- work up to triple, front squat- work up to heavy single, dc calves.

Wednesday- db military- 1 top set, barbell bench- heavy triple, lat pulldowns- 1 rp set.

Thursday- sumo dead lift- heavy set of 5, leg press- work up to set of 8, 1 leg calf raises.

Friday- hammer strength chest press- 1 rp set, hammer strength overhead press- 1 rp set, horizontal cable rows- 1 rp set.

Saturday- power cleans- work up to a triple, hyperextensions- work up to set of 8, explosive calf raises.

so today was…

db bench- 95’s x 7 + 1+0. I’ve been giving rp a try and got buried today

push press- 155x 5. I use leg drive to get the bar to my forehead where my shoulders can really take over. Just started these today.

underhand lat pulldown- 220x8.

This new split really emphasizes frequency and intensity. I’m going to run it for 3 weeks, take a back off week and run it again for 3 weeks and see what kind of progress I make.

forgot to mention…

I do cardio after every lifting session; after upper body I do 20 minutes on the stepmill, after legs I do 20 minutes of balls out intervals on the bike. I’m doing a “recomp” right now. I plan on getting a little leaner by doing cardio, eating cleaner, and walking a lot. The past 8 weeks I just lifted and ate a lot and went from 255 to 275. I really don’t want to go on a cut for awhile because all my lifts have been coming up nicely.


conventional dead lift- worked up to 415.

front squat- worked up to 245.

dc calves- 1 set of 10.

10 minutes on the bike- maintained a 20mph pace.

bad day.

db military- 70’s for 5
barbell bench- 185 for 5
lat pulldowns- 200 for 8

very bad day; not sure why.

this was yesterday’s workout

db bench- worked up to 100’s x 4

hammer chest press- 275 for 6

underhand pull downs- 220 x 8

then played around with other rowing movements.

alright, took a break from lifting; needed the rest.

db military- 70’s for 7. this is a pr

hammer shoulder press- 2 45’s and a 5 per side- 9+2+1

seated lateral raises- 20’s for 10

underhand pulldowns- 230 for 8. this is also a pr.

lean back overhand lat pulldowns- 200 for 10.

hammer iso rows- 125 lbs per side.

curls- 45’s for 6 reps per arm.

hit chest today

db bench- 100’s for 5. this is a pr; pretty pumped about this.

hammer strength chest press- 115 per side for 7

a top set of tri pushdowns- don’t remember weight or reps.

so today was shoulders and back

db military- 70’s for 7. Last time #7 was a grinder not this time, it went up smooth

hammer shoulder press- 97.5 lbs per side for 9 + 3 + 2

underhand pulldowns- 230 for 6. this was tough.

lat pulldowns- 210 for 8

pendlay rows 185 for 6


bb bench- 220 for a dub

low incline db bench- 105’s for 3, 100’s for 4

hammer chest press- 117.5 per side for 7+3

hammer incline chest press- 115 per side for 4


power cleans- went up to 225 lb. for a single. I’m not really pushing these at the moment because while on a cut I don’t feel like I can really progress too much so I’m takin it easy with them.

cybex leg press- 6 plates a side for 8

standing calves- a set of 8, dc calves- one set of 10

shoulders and back

seated db military- worked up to 75’s for 5. this is a pr; the reps were smooth too

hammer strength shoulder press- 102.5 lbs per side for 8. this was a grinder.

seated laterals- 25’s for clusters of 2 reps- total of 12 reps. a straight set with the 20’s for 10.

assisted chins- 30 lbs. of assistance for 5 reps.

hammer stength rows- don’t know the specific name of this machine.- 3 plates for 6 reps

one arm db rows- 90’s for 8 per side.

db curls- 45’s for 8

Figure I’d start posting my conditioning as well.

today… 2 one on one basketball games, various basketball drills, med ball passing, tire flipping, hittin the tire with a sledge hammer… I’m almost “in shape”

my lifting frequency has really been low lately due to hitting conditioning hard lately and lack of sleep. Just gotta keep pushing though; I’m on a diet to improve my body comp.


bb bench- 225 for a single. Just to feel heavier weight for db bench.

db bench- 105’s for 3, 100’s for 3. Stagnated a bit. The 105’s felt faster this time though.

hammer incline chest press- 115 lbs a side for 5 reps.

hammer chest press- 120 lbs for 6 reps- pr. 90 a side for 12.

rope pushdowns- not sure about the weight; went to failure.

legs and back

power cleans- 225 for a single.

dead lift- 410 for a single.

cybex leg press- 6 plates and a 10 per side for 8

calf raises- set of 7 to failure.

underhand pulldowns- 225 for 8
yates rows- 185 for 6


basketball drills
various med ball throws
various box jumps
high rep dead lifts
sledge hammer

took about 45 minutes and I was drenched in sweat and exhuasted.