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Kalv's New to Training Log

Need a log to keep track of my training,
New to strength training, so any feedback is welcome.

Started starting strength last week,
looking forward to seeing results.

Practice traditional martial arts,

  • studying diffrent sports at school.

174 cm
bodyfat?, maybe 11%

My goal is to gain strength, to improve my overal performance
(or something like that)
Harder kicks, higher jumps etc…

English is not my native language, so i`ll try my best too keep the spelling correct.


2hours of orienteering practice (school)

First day of SS: A workout
squat: 80kg
bench: 60kg
deadlift: 95kg

2 hours of trapeeze play/ practice.


1h aerobic (school)

1,5 h of trapeeze play/ practice.
(10min show for some kids)


Forgot to mention i found the SS program here:

2h bandy (school)

Test workout B:
80kg squat (no test, all 15 reps)
45kg military press
55kg pendley row

Did 2x7 bodyweight pullups at the end

2h tkd practice


1h football (soccer)

2h Taekgyeon (a traditional martial art, from korea)


First real workout!

Approx. 1h 20min
85kg squat 3x5 ok!
57,5 kg bench 3x5 ok!
100kg deadlift 1x5 ok!

2h tkd
hard kicking + punching!

Anyone knows why there is only 1 set of deadlift?
or am i reading it wrong?

2-3h hiking with buddy & two dogs

Good times!

Monday 22/9-08

Orienteering test
just over 16min.

Workout B
1h 20min
90 kg Squat 3x5 bit breakdown of form
45kg press 3x5
55kg row 52,5 for last two sets. 3x5
2x8 pullup

Tuesday 23/9-08

1,5h Javelin practice
(i can not throw)

Wednesday 24/9-08

2h 15min football

1h 20min
92,5 kg squat 3x5
60kg bench 3x5
105kg deadlift 1x5

2h tkd

Thursday 25/9-08

1,5h of sprint(relay)(100-200m)

2h Taekgyeon

Friday 26/9-08

Take a class from the local elementary school, out to the forest for fun and a campfire.

good times!

2h tkd

Monday 29. september

1h 15 min
SS workout B

5min jumprope
2 warmup sets with heavier weights.
example: Squat: 60kgx5 --> 80kgx5 -->worksets

95kg Squat 3x5
(bad form, no increase next workout)
47,5kg military press, 3x5
(Had to go down to 45kg for last two sets, i`ll get 47,5kg for all 3 sets, next time!)
55kg pendley row 3x5: ok
2x8 pullups (pronated grip)

Feeling generally weak today, maybe i have a cold…

Drank a litre of whole milk after training,
felt good.

I guess i should post pictures…
But i don`t have a camera, someone else took the picture at the top at a schooltrip to spain.

I guess i`ll have to save money for one myself…

Tuesday 30. september

1h 45 min bandy (school)

2h takgyeon (tma)

Wednesday 1. october

1h bandy (school)

1h SS Workout A

2x3min jumprope
Warmup squat:
50kg x10 80kg x5
95 kg 3x5 good!

Warmup bench:
40kg x10 55kg x5
62,5kg 3x5. first and secomd set: ok, but heavy.
Third set stopped at three, i failed my fourth lift. Which was weird, because the third rep felt solid. I`ll get all reps on monday!

Warmup deadlift:
60kg x5 90kg x5
110 kg x5 good, but i think i need chalk before i try 115kg…

2x8 plus 10kg.
All reps ok!

(drank a whole litre of wholemilk after lifting, felt good!)


2h of TKD training:

Thursday 2. october

2h Taekgyeon

Friday 3. october

1h 10 min SS Workout B

2x3 min jumprope

Warmup squat:
60kg x10 80kg x5
97,5 kg 3x5

Warmup military press:
30kg x7 40 kg x5
47,5kg 3x5 ok, exept last set (4)

Warmup pendley row:
40 kg x5 45kg x5
55kg 3x5 ok
(but im not really feelig like im any good at them…)
4 pull ups
7reps +2,5kg and 5 +2,5kg

3x15 wall slides

2h taekwondo

Monday 6. october

1h 15 minWorkout A

2x3min jumprope
Warmup squat:
50kg x10 80kg x5
95 kg 3x5 good!

Warmup bench:
40kg x10 55kg x5
62,5kg 3x5. first and secomd set: ok, but heavy.
Third set stopped at four, i failed my Fifth lift.

Warmup deadlift:
60kg x5 80kgx5 90kg x5
115 kg x5 Heavy!
Need chalk, better form and stronger grip!
(grip work on off days?)

2x8 plus 12,5kg.
All reps ok!

Tuesday 7. october

1h bandy