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Kale Rules.

Kale is an awesome food.

Don’t know what kale is?

It’s a green leafy vegetable. Tastes great, better than spinach imo. Very healthy, lots of vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients.

My favorite kind is “dino kale”, sometimes also called lacinto kale. It tastes better than regular green kale imo, and is also easier to handle.

I just take a few stalks, slice the leaves off the stalk and then throw in a pan with some water and a little salt. Low heat for 3-5 min, and it turns this beautiful, deep green color.

Why do I post this? I don’t think most people ever heard of Kale. I just heard of it recently, mentioned somewhere on this site and talking to my research advisor about it (he is focused on nutrition to prevent cancer). Anyways, I really recommend you go try it out if you haven’t yet. I’ve been eating it daily for the last 2 weeks and constantly crave more.

If you like kale, try some swiss chard. Good stuff.

My wife grows lots of kale every year.

Is there a preferred climate for farming your own kale?

Damn and I thought this thread was about me! j/k
kale is good and a nice change up from the ussal vegatables.

[quote]Tiribulus wrote:
My wife grows lots of kale every year.[/quote]

Well then Trib, looks like someone’s going to have to send me some.

I don’t throw the stalks away, but hold the leaves together and cut across them every half inch or so, from tip to base. Well, I do throw out the fattest part of the stalk, at the base, after removing any leaf material.

Then I throw the whole bunch of it into a cast iron skillet set to medium-high. No water. Tossing the kale often, so that it doesn’t burn, some water escapes while it cooks. Some leaves will even get this great, crisp texture.

When it’s done, serve with a bit of oil-based salad dressing. Delicious.