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Kaitlyn Hunt Double Standards


Let's be serious. If this were an older guy and a underage girl, the guy would be having the book thrown at him. There would be no outpouring of support in his favor. People would either say "the law is the law" or they'd be calling for his blood. Even if he met the underage girl in a nightclub, she lies about her age and shows him a fake id. He still would be at fault and we all know feminists would have no problem with him being labeled a "sex offender", the same as an old pervert who trolls playgrounds for pre school age children. Feminists would tell the man he should've "kept it in his pants" or "knew who he was sleeping with".

I guess since this is a lesbian relationship and the offender isn't a "dirty old man" then no harm no foul.


Yeah we have a lot of double standards when it comes to sex and sex crimes. You're completely right though on this. It isn't all bad for guys though like the high school football rape incidents where numerous people were saying it was the girls fault for being wasted half the time. Lol, no rape is rape whether someone is drunk, sober, etc.

I don't think you'll ever have "equality" when it comes to sex and sex crimes. Reminds me of one of my favorite South Park episodes: