KaiserMetal Project


Squat - 3 with 150lbs
3 with 167lbs
4 with 189lbs

Squat - 5 sets of 10 with 114lbs definitely gonna drop it, felt little pain on my right knee, squats sucks and i need a trainer for it.

Hanging Leg Raise - 12/12/10/6


Hill Sprints - 8 rounds

felt good to wash up these bad feelings about Fedor’s loss.

When’s your next fight boss?

[quote]BJack wrote:
When’s your next fight boss?[/quote]

Well i’ll be moving to japan on the weekend, and the pro mma debut is set for july 2011 when i come back to Brazil, but i’m pretty sure i’ll do some more amateurs fights at japan, heck if i get in real good shape, why not even do my pro debut at japan before the fight at brazil, so stay tuned!

I’ll be training at Grabaka with the likes of Sanae Kikuta, Akihiro Gono, Riki Fukuda, Kazuo Misaki, Yokota Kazunori. I’ll will be a full year to improve and train lot, i’m really excited and i hope i get a good gym to lift there too.


Press - 5 with 101lbs
3 with 114lbs
4 with 128lbs GOOD PR!

Press - 10/10/10 unfortunately it flared up again, don’t know with what i’m going to replace it.

Band Pressdown - 20/20/20 maybe band will ease up my elbow?

Infraspinatus - 12/12/12/7 with 20lbs good reps!

tomorrow is the big day! deadlift!


Deadlift - 5 with 225lbs
3 with 251lbs
3 with 282lbs

Back Extension 12/12/12/12/12 3 last sets done with 10lbs plate

One Arm DB Row - 75lbs 12/12/12/12/12 PR, took 2 minutes rest, almost failed on last rep

Barbell Curl - 64lbs 8/8/8/8 i think i got the wrong, smaller barbell, it was lighter than usual =p

Assisted Dips - 8/8/10 tried testing to see if my elbow or shoulder would flare up, it went ok.


Bench Press - 5 with 132lbs
3 with 150lbs
8 with 167lbs

Pushup - 12/12/7/5 changed to a closer grip, and well the results speaks for itself, maybe my grip was too wide.

Assisted Dips - 8/8/8/8/8 reduced the assistance once more, i guess soon i’ll get to dips without assistance, that rocks!

i upped the weight for the bench press today, because there weren’t any 2.5 plates on the gym today, i guess i can take on step ahead and make it a staple in the numbers.


Squat - 5 with 158lbs
3 with 180lbs
3 with 203lbs

Lunges - 6 felt pain on my right knee and decided to drop, there is something wrong with my squat. need to record it.

Hanging Leg Raise - 12/12/12/8

BW Squats - 20/20/20/20 at least worked my quads with something

wtf i posted this yesterday and i didn’t post =(


LISS Cardio - 2km


LISS Cardio - 2.4km

Press - 5 with 57lbs
5 with 70lbs
5 with 84lbs

Infraspinatus - 12/12/12 with 20lbs

deload again, i hope it goes quickly, i wonder if i should push on sprints since this week lifting will be easier.


Deadlift - 5 with 132lbs
5 with 150lbs
5 with 176lbs

Back Extension 12/12/12

One Arm DB Row - 75lbs 12/12/12

Barbell Curl - 64lbs 8/8/8

tomorrow my visa comes out, japan is coming!

for christ sake, i’ve moved to japan and i still cannot get used to how things work around here, all the foods are heavy carb based with rice and real small portions of beefs.

i’ve signed to a gold’s gym that i’ve found but they don’t allow to use chalk.

i’m damn shrinking and don’t know what to do, right now i’m staying at a guest-house, things are difficult to manage, but i’ll be moving to a better place this month i hope

then i will be able to study and train properly.

Back to Training since my last big injury, been out of training since July 2010, Hopefully this year will go smoothly.

Tried testing with 5 reps, things are much worse.

Squat - still too tight to squat with decent depth
Deadlift- 210lbs
Bench - 155lbs, stopped at fourth rep, felt my left elbow flare up
Press - 92lbs

Did some Leg Raises

I guess it was okay for a general ideia of my strength levels right now. I even went up one belt notch on my powerlifting belt, to make things worse i’ve been with pain on the sole of my foot and i’m not able to run or anything related, been eating clean for like 2 weeks right now.

weight at 227.2 and at waist 45.5

Back on track, i hope.


Deadlift - 5 with 155lbs
5 with 185lbs
7 with 200lbs

One Arm DB Row - 62lbs 8/8/8/8

Assisted Pullups - 8/8

pathetic couldn’t even curl with 35lbs, stamina down there too.


Press - 5 with 66lbs
5 with 80lbs
10 with 92lbs

DB Press - 26lbs 8/8/8/8 right elbow flared up, ditching it.

band Triceps Pushdown - 25/25

Close Grip Bench - 110lbs 8/8/6/6


Sore like hell from last workout

Squat - Was warming up and felt a twinge in my right knee, stopped and only did BW Squats, guess the road is gonna be long again. 12/12/12/12

BW Lunges - 8/8/8

Leg Raises - 12/12/12/6 tried last set with straight legs, weak core.

no hurry in squats, i need to get back in shape and proper condition on joints and stuff before adding weight, after all is set i’m pretty sure the weight will come back fast again.


just noticed i was typing the wrong year, sorry for the typo.

bench press - 5 with 121lbs
5 with 135lbs
6 with 155lbs

DB bench - 40lbs 8/8/8/8 tried focusing on my chest not widening too much the form as not to feel the elbow pinching.

band Triceps Pushdown - 50 it was a lighter band. still sore from triceps back from shoulder day


Deadlift - 5 with 155lbs
5 with 176lbs
8 with 207lbs

One Arm DB Row - 62lbs 8/8/8/8/8

DB Alternate Curl - 8/8


Had a huge headache, funny, i felt only when warming up for the press

band Triceps Pushdown - 30/30

Press - 5 with 80lbs
5 with 88lbs
7 with 101lbs


band Triceps Pushdown - 30/30

bench press - 5 with 135lbs
3 with 145lbs
4 with 163lbs

Pushups - 8/8/8

French Press 8 with 26lbs
8/8/8 with 30lbs went light to see how my elbows reacted.