KaiserMetal Project


Incline DB bench 15/12/12/10/10
Bench Press 15/12/12/10/10
Peck Deck 13/13/13/13
Triceps Press down 12/12/12/12
Lying Triceps Press 12/12/12/10
Cable Triceps Extension 12/12/12


Deadlift - 5 with 220lbs
3 with 255lbs
1 with 273lbs

One Arm DB Row - 70lbs 15/12/12/10/10

Barbell Curl - 64lbs 8/8/8/8


Hill Sprints - 8 rounds

did one round more, not related to the training, but as i was coming down from the hill some girl tried to steal my coat that i had left in the bench. I was so tired that i wasn’t even able to run: i just started screaming HEY HEY and she went walking away saying: I WASN’T GOING TO STEAL I WAS JUST CHECKING IT OUT.

yeah right, it was in her hands already, thank god she didn’t took it away. I love that coat.


Press - 5 with 101lbs
3 with 110lbs
3 with 123lbs

Db Press - 12/12/10/8/6 ramp up the weight to 35lbs but left elbow flared up and shoulder twinged on the lasts sets, although i’m happy i can press again.

Infraspinatus - 12/12/12 with 17lbs, i don’t how this exercise is called, i saw once in a article here at T-Nation, as i expected my left side is weaker than the right side(no wonder is my left shoulder messed up)

I was impressed that my shoulder didn’t hurt much and was able to do two extra reps on the press and even some db press.


Squats - 5 with 155lbs
3 with 176lbs
3 with 198lbs

the gym was closing so i only got to do my squats

as usual, i think i pulled my lower back while squatting, how i hate to be hyper-mobile.


Bench Press - 5 with 132lbs
3 with 145lbs
7 with 163lbs

DB Chest Press - 12/12/8/6 right elbow flared up

Close Grip Bench - 8/8/5 same as above

Assisted Dips - 8/8/8/8/8

funny enough i was avoiding dips because of my left shoulder, but it went perfectly fine.


LISS Cardio - 30 minutes


Deadlift - 5 with 132lbs
5 with 145lbs
5 with 176lbs

One Arm DB Row - 40lbs 30 reps

Barbell Curl - 42lbs 12/12/12

deload week, it’s so frustrating getting in and out of the gym without going heavy.


Press - 5 with 57lbs
5 with 66lbs
5 with 80lbs

Db Press - 12/12/12/6 left elbow flared up even with only 26lbs i’ll probably drop this exercise.

Infraspinatus - 12/12/12 with 17lbs went normal on this one, see if i can get my left side stronger earlier won’t hurt!


Squat - 5 with 88lbs
5 with 110lbs
5 with 132lbs

i wonder if starting this diet right on the deload week was a good idea, today had some carbs on the lunch,

just one more workout and i enter the 3 cycle then i will be able to see if it was a good idea or not.

btw i didn’t felt any energy today to do the squats


Bench Press - 5 with 66lbs
5 with 83lbs
5 with 101lbs

Pushup - 12/12 good exercise to add, it’s challeging and my elbow doesn’t flare up

Assisted Dips - 8/8/8


3rd cycle of 5/3/1

Press - 5 with 88lbs
5 with 101lbs
7 with 114lbs

One Arm Db Press - 12/12/10/8 30lbs it’s a shame my elbow flared up this light, my obliques were really worked on these, i’ll probably change to the boring but big template on press and bench days, that way i can get a decent stimulation.

Infraspinatus - 12/12/12/12 with 17lbs good training, next week i’ll up the weight.


Deadlift - 5 with 194lbs
5 with 224lbs
11 with 251lbs

One Arm DB Row - 70lbs 12/12/12/12

Barbell Curl - 64lbs 8/8/8

deadlift sucked my soul, couldn’t even do the acessories with the usual volume, but i’m happy as hell with the deadlift, although i think my form went off a bit on some of the last reps.


Bench Press - 5 with 112lbs
5 with 130lbs
11 with 147lbs

Pushup - 12/12/12 god, i do suck at the pushup, but at least nothing flares up

Assisted Dips - 8/8/8/8/8 reduced the assistance weight, is getting better and better

Dips - 3 hey i finally did some dips without any help, but i fear for my left shoulder, i still don’t know the right depth it sure would help have some mirror


Squat - 5 with 136lbs
5 with 158lbs
7 with 180lbs

Squat - 5 sets of 10 with 110lbs god, i do suck at squats, my form must be atrocious i need to record it.

Hanging Leg Raise - 12/10/8/8 my 2 last reps on the last set were pure cheat, i need to train my abs more.

started following the Berardi 7 effective habits at 222lbs now at 217lbs waist currently at 44 inches

pretty sore on the quads from yesterday squatting, and here was i thinking that it wasn’t doing any good.


Press - 3 with 97lbs
3 with 110lbs
5 with 123lbs

Press - 5 sets of 10 reps with 66lbs no good my right elbow flared up, but at least i felt my shoulders working

Infraspinatus - 12/12/11 with 20lbs left side failed on the last rep, right side could kept going on.


Hill Sprints - 8 rounds

i always loath hill sprints, but it’s the feeling i get after it is DAMN good.


Deadlift - 3 with 207lbs
3 with 238lbs
4 with 269lbs

Back Extension 12/12/12

Good Morning 110lbs 12/12/12

One Arm DB Row - 70lbs 12/12/12/12/12

Barbell Curl - 64lbs 8/8/6/5

today i had a training partner so i decided to try the good morning and he said my form on the deadlift was correct, so i think is a good way to start my first training with 23 years!

happy birthday to me /o/


Bench Press - 3 with 121lbs
3 with 139lbs
12 with 156lbs that’s what i call PR

Pushup - 12/12/12/8

Assisted Dips - 8/8/8/8/8 again reduced the assistance weight

Today workout was a huge success, i performed better on every lift.