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Height: 5'10[unfortunately, all that lifting didn't make me taller ]
Weight: 220lbs[But i got strong ]

Current 1RM

Squat 233lbs
Deadlift 277lbs
Bench 190lbs
Press 145lbs

I'm taking my log from starting strength here to T-Nation

I'm currently at my 2nd cycle of 5/3/1



Deadlift - 5 with 187lbs
5 with 198lbs
20 with 216lbs

Back Extension - 5x15

Kroc Rows - 67lbs for 30 reps

Hanging Straight-Leg Raise - 5 x 10

Assisted Chin-ups - 12/7/10/5


There is a training log forum here stud. Just so you know.



I'm sorry bro, didn't know =(


Back Evolution





Good luck with the 531, it's really the simplest and most effective program for raw strength for most lifters.


i think you need to up youre training weight for the deads mate, 20reps wont make you stronger


Back from surgery.

My retina is back in place but i need to rest one more week till i can get back to L.A. and back to training.


actually i got surprised i could pull this much, i thought my RM was around 282lbs when i made the calculations.

When i get the doctor aval i will be back to training i'll try recalculating.


Man that sucks, I'm paranoid about that whenever my contacts freak out.


Today i went through ANOTHER surgery on the same eye.

One more week without training =(


I had to stop using contacts otherwise i would go blind, so i just wear glasses from now on.

The only good thing i learnt from all this experience was that my new glasses are much cooler and lighter than the one i currently use.


strange, all my postings on the thread didn't post =(

Currently thinking of training under Olympia 1993 competitor Johann Schatz while i'm at Brazil


Also i've got cleared by the doctor to go back to all kind of training =)


Most of the workouts these weeks were testing to see where my strength levels where the main lifts were:

bench press - 4 x 8 155lbs still insecure about left shoulder, decided not to push it and keep it light
deadlift - 5 singles with 286lbs
db row - 4 x 10 - 80lbs

the rest were mainly testing around/assistance



Squat - several warmups to test RM Several Singles with 237lbs

Front Squat - 135lbs 1 x 10 then 2 x 18

BackSquat(burn out) 135lbs 20 reps

Thus in order to comemorate that i'm back to training i did that many squats and i can't barely walk till today =)


Started bodybuilding training with a former bodybuilder. Plus i still get to deadlift and squat =)


Incline Dumbbell Press 15/12/12/10/10
Bench Press 15/12/12/10/10
Forgot the name of the exercise, you lay on the bench and it seens like a triceps exercise, but the arms keep straight and it works the serratus 13/13/13/13/10
Lat Pulldown 12/12/10/10/8
Cable Row 12/12/10/10
Kroc Row 31 reps with 70lbs

every set the weight would get heavier, then only different one was the lat pulldown that was like a inverted pyramid.

Tomorrow is a good day, time to deadlift =)



Dumbbell Press 15/15/12/12/10
Cable Lateral Rises 13/13/13/10
Crucifix 15/15/15/15
Biceps Barbell Curl 13/13/13/12
Alternate Biceps Crossover 15/15/15/12
Cable Crossover Biceps 15/15/15/14
Cable Inverted Grip 15/15/12

Didn't deadlifted yesterday because had muay thai training and was sore on the chest, back and triceps.

Still not used to all this volume and different names

Deadlift on friday and Squat on sunday. Keep it simple and heavy.



Deadlift - 5 with 176lbs
3 with 220lbs
4 with 265lbs

Power Clean - 5x5 135lbs

Deadlift - 220lbs 10/8/6/5/5

guess that bodybuilding template for 5/3/1 is very taxing, i almost puked after the last set.



Hill Sprints - 7 rounds

i guess that's what anaerobic cardio and mental toughness is all about, got wobly legs, my heart was going out trough my mouth and almost puked my lunch.