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Kai's Latest Video - Arms


saw this up as a thread and now it's gone?????

too much free advertising for MD maybe, can't we all just get along.



Man Kai is a beast and seems like such a cool guy...I'm so torn on who I want to win. I'm rooting for him and Heath big time.


Seems they posted it early. Wasn't supposed to go up till tomorrow.
Kai is inspirational as always, his intensity is crazy. Mad respect


Guys got god damn softballs in his arms! That's some intensity on the negatives there!


Kai is looking awesome. It's so hard to predict a top 3 for the Olympia when there are at least 10 guys who could be easily in there.


I noticed the same thing. After watching the video, I was going to reply to the OP, but the thread was gone.

If you don't feel like watching the entire video, watch his seated DB bicep curls starting at the 10:53 mark, and watch his eyes at 11:20. Fucking intense.

EDIT: Am I allowed to wear pants like that to the gym?


great vid, im really hanging out for when he hits back or legs! and learn more from oscar's wisdom..he's got a good train of thought


Great intensity. Would be awesome as hell if there were more people in the gym like that.

I don't think the thread got deleted, the forums seem way worse then usual.


His coach is kind of annoying, but I still love Kai.


you can see his abs through his shirt



The sheer volume he is doing is staggering to me. All those heavy shrugs at the beggining....wow.


This is the one I was waiting to see, thanks.




Damn............I did traps and triceps yesterday...I want to do them again tomorrow after watching this!!

I have to give mad respect for these guys as they have mastered our art!

thier intensity is amazing.........