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Kai's Conditioning is Off


I wasn't aware he was so talented. It's great to see a bodybuilder of his caliber achieve success outside of the gym as well.








Yeah, some of his other pieces are even more interesting. He has talent. I hope he gets his work out there.


Must feel nice being your own canvas. It would give a refreshing aspect to your training.


I've seen pics of his drawings before, and am actually surprised that more artists aren't into bodybuilding. Actually, when I lived in LA back in the late 90's, I ran into a pretty decent number of guys from local animation houses who trained regularly, but when working at various commercial studios in NY, I was always the oddball, eating my protein bars and cans of tuna stashed in my desk -lol.

I always figured that's why I viewed bodybuilding as an art form. I used to teach anatomy/life drawing classes at a college, so when I see something in my ow n physique that's lagging, I 'sculpt' it into proper proportion.



Had no idea


Hah, this is pretty dope. I was a visual arts major at UNCSA for high school. Not involved with art much anymore, but it's still a pretty frequent hobby of mine.


Wow, as a former weekend warrior artist, these are fucking cool. Good on you, Kai.


He is so vain..


Beautiful work of art.


I have a nude portait of myself hanging over the fire place. I'm smiling in it.


Yeah but he danced naked with a fruit, therefore anything he does in any field, at any stage in his life, is without value.


Well, he DID fuck the grapefruit.

If you build a 1000 lbs of muscle in your lifetime but fuck 1 grafefruit...




The dudes got talent... but his posing (next to picture C) could use some work lol


Damn, neither did I! And I'm a fucking artist!


Some of my work is somewhat similar.


Post your kiwi video please?!



I actually laughed out loud.