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Kairiki's Progress Log - From Wimp to Warrior


No one ever excused his way to success. ~Dave Del Dotto

Hi Warriors:

I wanted to give some stats on where I have come in the iron game and where I am at currently.

I was born with the genetics of a worm. Very skinny like the Crypt Keeper yet a bubble in the middle. I would classify myself as a hardgainer (I can take my thumb and forefinger and wrap my fingers around my wrist). Yet as Popeye said: "I am what I am..."

(From my blog):

I used to be a beast in the gym. I would do 60 pound dumbbell presses on the bench. I would do squats with 100+ pounds. I would, with crazy abandon, do German Volume Training to explode my mass building.

Then something happened on my way to fitness greatness. . .

I got married.

Then we had a child.

I still tried to work out yet the fire was not there. So I did just like many red-blooded Americans would do. . .I quitted.

The Journey Back

Yes, I fell the love coaster of fitness for a several years. I would see workout programs and scoff at them. The funny thing was that I started to learn about real food, health, and the like watching Food, Inc. Later, I learned more from listening to such people as Dr. Scott Johnson, Sean Croxton, Antonio Valladares, Weston A. Price Foundation, and others.

Still, I did not work out. I thought this was good enough and God would still be pleased.


Hippocrates said this stunning statement:

Eating alone will not keep a man well: he must also take exercise. For food and exercise, while possessing opposite qualities, yet work together to produce health �?�¢?�?�¦and it is necessary, as it appears, to discern the power of various exercises, both natural exercises and artificial, to know which of them tends to increase flesh and which to lessen it; and not only this, but also to proportion exercise to bulk of food, to the constitution of the patient, to the age of the individual�?�¢?�?�¦

Eating healthy food is not enough.

Finally, the catalyst came.

My friend J. Corder.

Here�?�¢??s a man whose body was ravaged by various ailments and by the grace of God, he was able to turn his health ailments around 180. He started to work out and see incredible results.

He was now getting many compliments on his weight loss, his arms increasing in size, and his boundless energy. I missed that.

So one day, I was looking in the mirror and I knew that I had to change. Then a spark of inspiration touched me. I could see�?�¢?�?�¦wait a minute�?�¢?�?�¦I could see small definition in my abs. I had eaten traditional foods and organic foods for a while and there must had been some fat burning on some level.

I was determined to find the workout program that would work for me.

Less Is More

With new determination, I went to the local library. There had to be some program I could do that was time friendly since my #1 excuse was the #1 excuse of everyone else.

Enter Sean Foy.

Before I continue, I will make two disclaimers:

Number 1: I am not at all attached to Sean Foy nor receive any financial compensation. I am a budding independent researcher who wants and desires to be fair and unbiased as humanly possible.

Number 2: This program may work for you and it may not. Everyone has to come to their own logical conclusions and based on what the current research shows for now.

When I went to the library, I picked up a book called �?�¢??The Ten Minute Total Body Breakthrough.�?�¢??

In the book, Sean proposes an exercise program that can be done in ten minutes yet offer the same benefits of a traditional 1-2 hour program.

I was in workout mode yet I wanted more.

So I started to scour the web and came across Jason Ferruggia's site and I devoured all I could about mass building. I read his "Mass Buidling Sins" book and carried out a workout plan from his blog post: "How To Gain Weight" (http://bit.ly/stTCkl)

Just from following his steps in this post, here are my stats:

(July 4, 2011)

weight: 142.8
neck: 14
L bicep: 11
R bicep: 11
chest: 34.5
waist: 30
L calf: 13
R calf: 13
hip: 35
L thigh: 20
R thigh: 20
L forearm: 11.5
R forearm: 11.5
Bodyfat: 12.7%

(Sept 4, 2011)
weight: 150.2
neck: 14.5
L bicep: 13
R bicep: 14 (weird)
chest: 37
waist: 33.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 15
hip: 38
L thigh: 23
R thigh: 23
L forearm: 12
R forearm: 12
Bodyfat: 14.8%

I was amazed that by sticking to the basics and compound exercises, I was gaining.

One day I stumbled unto Stronglifts.com and started this program after devouring the pdf.

Now here is the strange part...I do not have a gym to go to...I do all my lifts with odd objects from a seabag with a heavy emergency bag placed inside to a container filled with detergent bottles.

I use progression by placing small books and lifting as much as I can.

The crazy thing is that my traps are more visible and I am starting, as Mom stated, "buff" again.

She stated, "You're back!"

So my goal is to continue to get stronger and lifting as much as I can.

I will log my "strange" workout this Wednesday, okay.

Feel free to ask questions because I sure there are plenty of raised eyebrows. Ask away...thanks for reading.


First log entry...maybe I should say something...stardate...lol

Okay...here is my unorthodox training:

Again, I follow Stronglifts 3 days/5 reps with progression (1 minute rest)...except I use odd objects...why? (I'm frugal)

  1. Squats
  2. Pendlay Press
  3. Back Rows

Equipment used per exercise:

  1. Sea Bag holding 30 lbs emergency bag, 2 large books, 2 small books
  2. A container holding the above emergency bag, 2 large books, 6 small books
  3. A container holding the same above with the exception being 2 small books


I like the idea of unconventional 'tools' to improvise and workout with.

Before i joined the gym i thought of doing all of my training like this-my version would have been either down in the woods with logs or using heavy boat stuff like anchors ,chains and batteiries.

At the moment i am glad that i have gone the gym route mainly as it gives me measurable progress.

A new guy (vorg ?) started a thread like this over in conditioning and got some nasty replies....shame as i like the idea and was still chewing on it myself for next years outdoor based training/conditining.


I wonder why the nasty replies...what about the greats who used the tools you mentioned to build their bodies too?


Take a look at the thread (vorg) in the conditioning forum and judge for yourself why he got the replies that he did..shame..i think taht the idea has value.


if it works, and you like it, do it til one of those things changes.



That is some concise wisdom right there.


Exactly...if you don't have haters...you are probably conforming to the norm too much.


Or else some people are just jerks.


Another successful lifting day...incorporated weighted push-ups because my chest is lagging.

  1. Squats
  2. Weighted Pushups
  3. Deadlift


How do you organise the weighted push ups with the kit that you are using ?

I am just at the point of advancing my push-ups from standard to doing decline but could probably add some weight soon.


Yah weighted pushups. How much weight you using?

Lagging chest? My Sheiko routine sure pumps up chest. You do:

DB flies
more bench
more DB flies
lot more bench
lot more DB flies

and oh yeah, some squats and deads.


@ Big: I do my weighted pushups with a backpack filled with books (the type of outdoors backpack that has clips to strap around your chest and midsection). With my crazy self, I bought a heavy chain from a hardware store only to later have buyer's remorse because I realized Dear Wife would flip. I am glad I was able to take it back (even if it was already cut) through the mistake of the cashier. Hee,hee!

I also studied about how to do proper push-ups with this video: http://bit.ly/uNW1kl

I also found this video too: http://youtu.be/VukKlqpWVds

@ Cav: Thanks for the suggestions!


@Big: I would be remiss to NOT share this powerful video on how to deadlift properly. This video is probably the best one I have seen thus far:


Marvelous Monday:

  1. Squats
  2. Pendlay Press
  3. Back Rows

Overall attitude...my motivation is a little waning. I will take a measurements the week of Thanksgiving(U.S.A.).


Cheat! I've had to balance plates on my back. Fortunately, now that the muscles are built up some, not so hard to flatten out the scoliosis in that position.

Oh, and good DL vid, too.


You are a better man than I am Cavalier.


Since Cav made me feel guily, I did this Wednesday:

  1. Squats

  2. Weighted Pushups with a heavy bag

  3. Deadlifts

I feel redeemed...


Late Entry (Friday November 4th):

  1. Warmup

  2. Squats

  3. Pendlay Press

  4. Back Rows


Side note: I have contacted my local gym about interest in a tour of their facility. The gym is Snap Fitness. I contacted them last Wedneday (November 2nd). I haven't heard boo from them. My friend stated maybe I wasn't black enough (considering I am a black man). LOL


Just show up and ask for a tour. Looking around a gym to see if they have a decent free weight area, power racks and clean showers should take 5 minutes.