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Kai vs Heath

[quote]Proud_Virgin wrote:

[quote]zraw wrote:
He is.

But the same thing would happen if you saw a video of Phil Heath “on” and an “off” Kai Greene.

This wont happen tough as I think Kai is “on” year long as opposed to Phil[/quote]

Are you talking gear? Because make no mistake, both are “on” all year-round…


Obviously all the top pros are using gear year round… thats a given… and I didnt think someone would think I’d believe the pros go totally off…

Let me clarify…

When saying a pro is “off” what this means is that he is using a cruising dose, nothing too crazy (Cutler is known to do that)

Than… when these guys go into contest prep, they kick their dosage and the amounts of stuff they use up… therefor being “on”

So, when I say Heath is “off” this means he isnt into contest prep mode where everything is most likely high. (This is what I believe, not hard comfirmed facts)

Than, when I say I believe Kai is “on” year round, this means I believe Kai is using high dosages year round. (Not saying he is doing that, just that this is what I believe he is doing)

…so we agree. IMO using “off” and “on” that way is kinda misleading, but whatever.