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Kai vs Heath


hoping this works

amazing how much bigger kai is than phil, I've seen and met both in person and it never seemed like that much of a size difference. To be fair kai has just competed while phil is probably at the end of his off season.


Dunno how recent this one is... Kai is a monster and he poses well unlike most bodybuilders...


That is one of the best pictures of Kai, or any bodybuilder for that matter, that i have ever seen. Everything looks huge; back, thighs, arms, calves. Total package.


Damn what a freak!
I think I love Kai so much because I started following him before he turned pro. The improvement he has made in such a short amount of time is phenominal.


Can't discount the height difference too. Phil is taller than Kai.

That said, Kai looks absolutely sick! He looks like the fucking Predator! His legs and back are goddamned INSANE!!!! Amazing how he looks MUCH bigger than Heath.


I like Kai because he's not only huge, but he's a bit of a free-spirit. The guy just stands out.

But Phil's been my favorite for the past 2-3 years, and comes in consistently in shape, so my money's on him.


Kai has the most muscle I've seen on him in that video.


Isnt phil 5'9 ?? Kai is always listed at 5'10


I don't know what they're "listed at" but since they're standing right next to each other in that vid Heath looks taller to me.

Maybe I'm wrong.


Kai is no where near 5'10 maybe 5'8


Yup - now that I watched it again - pause the video at 17 seconds - Phil is considerably taller than Kai.


My man, Kai. Ridiculous video. He's making Heath look small, lol.


He is.

But the same thing would happen if you saw a video of Phil Heath "on" and an "off" Kai Greene.

This wont happen tough as I think Kai is "on" year long as opposed to Phil


Are you talking gear? Because make no mistake, both are "on" all year-round...


Kai just won the NY Pro though, so he is undoubtedly on considerably more gear at this point. Phil is just gearing up for olympia prep.


Ehhh - this is always suspect to me. Factually, unless you are a personal friend, or his prep coach, I'd say there's really no way to know for sure exactly what, how much and for how long any of these guys is "on" for.


Haha, you're right its gotta be those M-tech supplements...

To suggest that any of the top 5 bodybuilders in the world spend their off-season clean is very disingenous, especially in this age of multiple contests a year and guest-posings...

Kevin Levrone, who dropped down to about 210 in the offseason, OK I'd believe that he went "off"--but he didn't improve very much between contests and ended up paying the price in the form of a torn triceps and back problems later on

edit: reading it over, I didn't mean to sound as snippy as I did, but I think alot of people are fooling themselves when it comes to the dosages of the Pros...ultimately your point still stands though, SkyNett


Was I a prick to you in my delivery? No need to act like an asshole - aren't you capable of having a mature discussion about this? I'm WELL aware of the amount of drug use in pro and top amateur bodybuilding.

You still don't know exactly what these guys are taking, how much and for how long. Simple as that.


Agreed, however they are definitely taking considerable amounts of AAS, all year round. Some "cruise" at much lower dosages when in offseason mode.


None of it matters at the moment. Contest day is all that counts.