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Kai Stirring The Pot? - LOL

Posted earlier today. I’ve heard the official claim of 315 lbs.


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Is there anyone else who used to love Kai and have slowly grown to loath him since he stopped competing?


yep. 100000%. Talking shit and never stepping on stage to actually compete is very unappealing to me.


Why does he never take his socks off for these photos?

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Kai Green is the Eddie Hall of bodybuilding


I always see adds for his “free” e-books and his weird treadmill videos…really soured his image in my mind.
He was kind of cool with unique posing routines when he first showed up but everything after that has been a crap show.

I know he does his best to somehow remain relevant at least as far as the social media fitness world is concerned, but not competing, not sure where his income is coming from, if it were me, I certainly wouldn’t be pushing the “supplements” as much as he is.

Most top Guys in the 90’s were open about having long term plans that involved getting out before their health failed.



Ignorant guy question - Is Kai even allowed to compete at something like the Olympia? He hasn’t competed at the biggest levels in years (as far as I can tell).

He’d need to qualify or get a special invitation. Is he an IFBB pro though?

Yeah, he is a pro. I would hate to see someone whose worked their tail off and competed heavily this year lose a spot at the O because of some sh*t talker…

Nobody would miss out, he’d just be added to the line up.

So it’s the top 5 (top 6?) From last year, winners of any of the qualifying events, the next 3 highest point scorers who didn’t win a qualifier, then any special invitees. I think anyone who has won an Olympia cam get in as well lol

Rumour was he got an invite a few year after he rage quit after his last loss to Phil and he all but accepted it then pull out at the last second. If that’s true, then I don’t see another invite coming his way.

EDIT: Seems he was invited last year but didn’t accept. DOUBLE EDIT: and the year before that… He ain’t getting on stage, this is some weird grift to keep his fans on the hook.

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Again my Eddie Hall analogy

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Although I’m not a full time follower of either Kai or Eddie, as far as I know at least Eddie doesn’t keep saying he is coming back, or am I wrong?

I get the similarities in some aspects but I would always have more time for Eddie than Kai, especially since Kai stopped competing and kept promising and stirring things up.

Kai Vs Phil boxing match incoming?..

Yeah I actually grew to understand Phil Heath.
But his last display was awful considering his arrogant words prior to the show.
He didn’t bring it and honestly he didn’t look like he cared - fight is out of his eyes.
Either way, good job but I was super disappointed to see how he went out.

Ever since Kai started teasing the whole vegan movement etc I lost interest. Dude is a marketer now, fair enough but he became irrelevant in any actual bodybuilding context real quick

I don’t know that Phil is done yet.

I would be shocked to see him again.
He wasn’t just off in my eyes.
How can he ever get a presentable gut?
Everything looked too off, he needs another 10% minimum, and at that age, he rather call it quits?
Would be cool if I was wrong.

The latter. Also claims of setting bench records, getting into weightlifting, etc

Easy bodybuilding trick. Low cut socks give the illusion of shorter legs, thus legs look bigger.

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