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Kai Hitting Chest!



looking in damn good form for the up and comming olympia


Can't see the pics without registering...mind taking a few good ones and posting them in here?










Currently at 310...should be a pretty good Olympia

Video of his training will apparently be ready on Saturday.


Hey these are the only pics of him really posing in that post. The rest are a few snaps of him working out fully clothed.


Here's #2


and here is #3. Sorry for the triple post guys, I just don't know how to attach multiple images to one post.


bicep peaks are rediculous


310? wow...and who was saying he wasn't a mass monster?


Its weird, I like him more then I like his physique. I really do wanna see him do well, but I wouldn't wanna see him beat Phil Heath.


I have NEVER seen someone his height weighing over 300lbs LEAN. That alone is the most impressive thing to note. This dude gets heavier than Ronnie Coleman in the off season and has veins running down his arms. I might as well be a newb compared to shit like that.


To be honest I reckon his bis look a bit like Greg Valentino's....I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm suspicious.


You don't know what you are talking about.


Is it still offseason though? I mean wouldn't they of started prepping for Olympia by now?

Still, I thought he was around 260, not 310. Fucking beyond impressive.


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