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Kai Greene


This picture is just full of win. He is going to be the making noise at the Olympia. Those bicep peaks...Also Curry's waist.


Making those guys look small is damn impressive.


it's sad to think brandon curry used to post here till people chased him off the board.

it's also sad to think he has the potential to be mr o yet he hasn't made much progression the last few years, hasn't managed to bring up his legs or improve his conditioning. Wasted talent.

Kai looked sick this weekend, if he competed in the arnold classic he would have beaten branch(coming from a branch fan).

I think the french guy that came 4th will be one too watch in the next two years. If he can bring up his back he could potential be top 5.


And supposedly, his current 'trainer' George Farrah claims that Kai was intentionally just at 90%, obviously planning to really nail everything down for the Olympia. Still, a "90% Kai" stomped everyone else onstage. Not so sure if it'll beat a 100% Phil or 100% Jay though.



It will be a damn good show any way you put it.

Is it too early for the "Kia is gonna win" hype, lol? Because we all know it's coming...


All the hype over Kai last year didn't pan out at The O. Kai is great,no doubt,but won't do much in Vegas.

As long as Jay brings that conditioning along with the changes he's made to the stage he will win.


When I saw the pics from the NY pro, I was thinking the exact same thing. His waist his paper thin, and if he just brought up those legs and nailed the conditioning he'd be unstoppable!


Kay is only at 90% ?

Holy shit.


I will give the guy props, he looked sick at the NY pro


Its always the same thing with Kai.. He looks good alone or standing next to guys that are not yet ready for a
Top5 at the O..

He was good at the Arnold in 09.. Thats it.

He wouldnt look as good if Jay Phil and Branch were next to him in that pic..

Sure I dont like the guy so I may be biased but still..


Several people on this board keep saying that's what happened, but I really don't see how that can be true.

His first thread, if I remember, was a bit of a clusterfuck, but his followup thread (about going for his pro card) had most members here sucking him off. He had all the encouragement he needed to continue posting on this site if he truly wanted to.

I remember some other posters saying his sponsorships prevented him from continuing to be a presence on this site, which makes a little more sense in my mind.


I know he is sponsored by BSN, so there is no way he would be posting on here now. I wasn't here when he was so idk if he was run off or not.


You cant say "its always the same" anymore. Kai isnt working with Oscar. Oscar really fucked stuff up in the last 2 years for Kai.

George Farrah worked a miracle with Branch. With Kai he doesnt even need to come close to being a miracle worker to help Kai contend for the top spot.


People were displaying an extremely normal amount of skepticism. He wasnt run off. He stopped posting because he signed a contract very early in his career.


I think Kai will do much better now that he's not with oscar. From watching videos of those two i really got the impression that Oscar wasn't very intelligent, at least not compared to other gurus in the sport.


Curry looked better at nationals then he ever has a pro, each time I see his contest pics since he turned pro I just get pissed off at his, what seems to me, laziness.

In an old video his trainer says his everyday condition is everyone else' 6 weeks out, and he can't bring his conditioning to the pro stage? Just annoying.


Those fucking arms. Seriously.


Can someone also explain to me why ben white lost 30 pounds of muscle?


Skinny Jeans


well the biggest thing that messed up kai was his decision to intentionally lose muscle mass. he tried to tailor his physique to be like dexters so that he could beat him out at the o. he and his old trainer oscar talk about it in overkill