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Kai Greene - Seeking Olympia Gold


not that my intention is to pull viewers from this site to another, but Kai's newest video is up on MD, the guy is an amazing storyteller, very inspirational stuff. Branch has a new video up, his back looks better than ever, he is a grainy vascular mo fer.


This man is awesome. This video has given me a new sense of respect for him.


Holy shit he gained 20+ lbs on his cheat day+the rest day after.

Also omg I just got to the part explaining the eyes, kinda reminded me of that one Kroc vid when I heard the explanation.


whats wrong with his eye?


I watched the Wolf one too, he looks fucking huge. Looking to be on stage at 280 or so apparently. He's talking about some legitimate stuff too, a must watch.


Cool vids. Thanks.


"My work ethic is sick..." he says with bloodshot eyes. lol. this fuckin guy.


he blew capillaries in both eyes doing heavy squats.


Maybe a silly question but is that harmful?


i want him to win


gorilla muscle for the win.


Its a sweet vid. Kai is my fav, Oscar is the man too.

Olympia is in 3 days!!!!! and tomorrow its only 2 days :slight_smile:


wife who's a dr. and trains says..."it appears superficial, you can blow a capillary straining to shit, however blowing out capillaries in your eyes on a repeated basis while doing heavy squats isn't a good thing." he created such pressure internally that those little vessels burst.

Olympia is almost here WAR KAI!!!! i think wolf and victor are going to look good too, as is branch, i'd like to see branch in the top 6 if some people slip. fucking nuts this year.