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Kai Greene on Venice Boardwalk



A vid of Kai and Shawn Ray walking along the boardwalk. Alot of people excited to get a pic with Kai, but alot of people making, IMO, stupid comments. Some of these people were really getting on my nerves. Especially the ST. Patty's Day guy, douche.

Anyways, good watch.


LOL! That comment about the Lost Boys theme song was fucking hilarious.

Good vid!


That "steroids" guy was annoying, but that really wasn't too bad.


Kai seems like the nicest dude.


I've actually never been to Venice Beach. Hermosa and Redondo but not Venice.

I hear Manhattan City Beach is nice, too, but of course Venice is classic.


ha gotta love kai rockin the fannie pack


yeah but what an ignorant bitch


I laughed when kai muttered that you don't need steroids to look like he does


Kai is the man. Thanks for posting this, Elusive.

Also, I find those Dark Rage ads to be very creepy.


The guy at 4:17 got it right..lol


Yeah, I enjoy watching these Kai vids. I feel hes a real genuine guy and plus he doesn't live too far from me here in Brooklyn. I guess that appeals to me also.

Those Dark Rage ads need to go.. lmao. Vic is my favorite bodybuilder, but damn those commericials suck. lol.


Yeah. I was wondering if this had anything to do with the cameras being there, but either way he seems like a cool dude to hang around.

LOL at "Do you use steroids?" "Nahh... Do you?"


Its sad that Kai Greene doesn't seem comfortable in his own skin yet. He doesn't seem to have much charisma either. When asked by that white guy to whoop him for a dollar he should have reached in his fannie pack pulled out a 10 and whipped the shit out of him but all in good fun :P. Tell me that would not be an awesome YouTube Vid.


Forget the St. Patty's Day Douche, the skinny little shit who was asking if Kai was "all natural" and who said (sounded like) "if I wanna look like that I'll use roids yo" was by far the most enraging.

As if he would ever remotely resemble Kai's physique, and all it would take was some "roids". Fucking idiot.


nothing makes me think of packing on mass like advertisments in monotone.

was Ben Stein unavailable?


Is it a requirement that once you hit a certain size you have to wear a fucking fannie pack? It sure seems like it.


Well, I guess at that size, a back pack gets real annoying.


I can't even wear my backpack anymore, the straps are too small now and I'm certainly not Kai's size lol.

I use a gym bag thingy, very comfy, fits nicely on the back. Can't hold very much and it advertises for BB.com but oh well! haha


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