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Kai Greene on The AskGaryVee Show

Not sure how this slipped through the cracks, but Kai did AskGaryVee back in May.

I fell behind following his show, but Vaynerchuk’s stuff is gold in general. Listening to it now. Seems like Kai is very weirdly and deliberately trying to avoid using the words “bodybuilding” or “bodybuilder”, introduced himself as a “competitive athlete” and talks about succeeding in “the subculture.”

I saw Him a Little while back on jimmy Fallon and very intentionally avoided using “IFBB” and certain words associated with titles/contests when he was described by the announcer.


Around the 14:45 mark, the Mr. O actually comes up:

Kai: “[…] my ambition was to be the best in my craft. The best in my field. The best…”

Gary: “And is that Mr. Olympia? Is that what that is considered?”

Kai: “Well, it, it, it was. It was.”

Gary: “It’s not as much anymore?”

Kai: “Now? Um…”

[Gary jokes about the reaction from Kai’s entourage]

Kai: “There’s always the promotion thing that we’re definitely not trying to indirectly do. To say there was a time when, to be the best athlete in the world meant that we had to get up and follow a certain protocol is the most important way that I would like to answer that question. And even now, whether it is the Mr. Universe, whether it’s, you know, whatever said championship or not, reality is that, in order to be the best, you have to be willing to give a certain amount of your concentration and your time dutifully every day to make that a reality.”

Wait… what? He can’t even say the word “Olympia” or acknowledge that it’s the highest title in the sport. I get that the drama would be a bit of a sidetrack to the interview, but dancing around it like that was pretty obvious.

Kai’s always been pretty fucking weird…


I honestly believe his failings are his own fault. The year he pretended he was barred from the Olympia and Robin Chang exposed that all he had to do was sign the papers but because Kai felt he was so important he deserved free booth space, and extra fee for the use of his Image in advertising and promotional materials, and who knows what else, he elected not to compete. Of course he can’t say that he’s developed a huge ego and is all about Kai green as a business not just achieving his childhood ambition anymore to his fans Who don’t know any better.


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Isn’t Kai earning the big bucks promoting grapefuits?

Actually he’s the official barber at the primate house of the Bronx Zoo last I heard.



That is not correct though. Kai stated it had nothing to do with the IFBB it was a legal issue most likely between MuscleMeds and his new company. There are court hearing documents.

Kai stated a lot of things -lol

I’d love to hear/see those documents you’re referencing as people I know who are pretty close to the powers that be said that it was Kai’s manager that “forbade” him from competing, and as evidenced by Changs video, Kai had his entry form 6 months before the Olympia but kept prolonging not signing and returning it.


Then there was the coaching debacle. Who was Kai’s real coach, Ron Noreman or George Farrah? He implied in a seminar (no name mentioned though) that Ron was parasitic and wanted to jump on Kai’s success, even though Ron has achieved more than the average yokel himself (four kids, wife, a tax litigation business, and a home with a basement gym that itself, whole home aside, likely contains more than 250,000 bucks in equipment and renovating).

It really is amazing how the story of Kai greene went through so many twists and turns…

Young orphan lives only to be a bodybuilder…

Competes as Wnbf Pro and then eventually switches to NPC and starts moving up the line

Turns Pro and everyone rallies around his tales of adversity

Becomes honest threat to the title, but always seems to mess up his conditioning and despite “unique” posing routines, can’t hit mandatories in any decent way to help his physique

Stories come out about how he’s financially very well off, but keeps his old apartment to play his angle as the poor little orphan in his rambling videos (Kai loses Fans)

Switches coaches several times abandoning his old friend Oscar who fed him, sheltered him, and got him to where he is (Kai loses fans)

Online folks start pointing out how Kai milked the system to live his life as a wannabe bodybuilder while the State fed, clothed and sheltered him (Kai loses fans)

Due to contract with MD magazine, Kai lies and maintains a story about who his coach is, only to have the real expert (a very respected individual I might add!) calling the shots completely out him online with text messages, emails, etc. (Kai loses fans)

Kai gets a new manager as he tries to expand into more than being just a bodybuilder, and tries playing hardball with the IFBB. They don’t blink, and he goes on social media with BS stories, half truths, and videos involving dancing around what actually happened. Other people in the sport, including Robin Change (the Big Boss of the Olympia)expose Kai as being full of sh-t. (Kai loses fans)

I’m sure there’s more, but I remember when Kai was first becoming big on the bodybuilding scene and everyone was rallying to support him. These days, he’s a joke to many of his former fans.


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Kai’s one of my least favorite types of people in this world. He’s definitely a guy who thinks he’s a whole lot smarter than he is. And he’s absolutely full of bullshit.

I totally agree; he’s always seemed like a total dick to me.

Arrogant, pretentious philosopher type who thinks he’s better than everyone else. Never been a fan.