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Kai Greene: Olympia Diet

  1. 16 oz steak, 12 egg whites, quart of white rice
    2.2 chicken breasts, turkey burger, pint of white rice
    1. 16 oz salmon, 6 egg whites, large green salad
      4.16 oz steak, 2 sweet potatoes
    2. 16 oz salmon, 2 cups oatmeal with raisins, cup of corn
    3. shake 85 grams of protein, cup cashews or avocado
    4. 16 oz steak, 2 cups mixed vegetables

I got this from another site, but apparently according to him this is how his diet looks at 10 weeks out, that's just insane lol. I thought I had a large breakfast but his is just ridiculous.


that is just gross.


Holy fuck!


Wonder what Kai's grocery bills are like...


Looks like he eats a small cow a week lol


I wonder how his toilet copes


Damn...I am clearly undereating. If this dudes stomach sticks out at all it is because he has 15 pounds of meat in it.

...and the guys at the meat department at Kroger's think I eat a lot.


I've seen some of his vids on MD, his protein intake can go any wear from 700 to 1000 grams I believe


I doubt any bodybuilder exists much over 260lbs who doesn't take a shit several times a day.

He just needs extra large toilets to dispose of the Brontosaurus droppings.


some dumbass on here is gonna try this diet, i promise you. And then they'll post about how they didnt get all swole and jacked like kai. And damn that is a lot of meat


I doubt most can afford to eat like that. I spend up to 200 bucks a week on basic food items alone and I am only eating maybe half of that...on a good day. He must simply eat, shit and lift all day. That is about the only way to pull that off on a daily basis.


At which point people on this site will either call him a troll or tell him he isn't eating enough to make gains


LOL only a idiot would say something like that about him, he's 300 plus lbs beast, I don't think theres any man on this forum that can match him


I have to ask a Q that I've always wondered

I always thought Fish was the food of choice for contest dieting and you hear of guys switching from steak to fish

any reason for this?


Eating that kind of quantity of fish week in week out is incredibly expensive. Unless maybe he eats canned salmon as oppossed to fresh salmon


decided to plug that into fitday to see the breakdown, ends up with:

386g carbs
320g fat
795g protein

= 8000k/cals

I didn't bother with the vegtables

edit: forgot the turkey burger lol so add that in


nothing else builds and maintains muscles like BEEF


That's awesome. Do you have a link to the article? I'd love to read it. For some reason I'm fascinated by some of these bodybuilders diets. Probably even more than how they train lol.


If I could afford it and had time to grill it, I could eat steak at every meal and as a snack or two everyday.
It is the rice I would have a problem getting down.


I read an article on Kai in FLEX and he said before he could afford this kind of food he would just eat something like 6 dozen eggs a day. Who knows if its true. His diets are insane.