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Kai Greene, Mr Olympia


There's no denying the fact that Kai is looking pretty freaky. The question is do you guys think he can win the Olympia?
I'm wondering if his gay porn career will affect his placing. (however It didn't for the Arnold). It seems like his "having sex with a grapefruit" video is as popular as his training vids. What's the deal with all the stripper vids anyways!?!? Johnny Jackson, Kai Greene, Toney Freeman.....

Personally I don't like his style of posing at all. I was kind of surprised to hear Arnold claim that he is the best poser he's ever seen.


The same reason everyone on earth takes their cloths off, for money.

Dude he needed cash for beef and fish, so he showed people his dick for money. Pretty straight forward logic if you ask me.


I find his posing to be hit-or-miss, but more often than not I like it.

One of my favorites (though I personally think we would've survived without the upside down splits):

I don't watch a lot of posing routines (I've found a lot of the ones I have seen to be fairly lame), but I'll watch Kai because he just plain knows how to move to music.

edit: And, yeah, bodybuilding is an expensive hobby, especially when done at the elite level. If strippers can get naked to pay their way through community college, I couldn't care less if a guy wants to take his clothes off to win the biggest contest of his favorite activity.




Does he really do gay porn? I guess there's nothing wrong with that if he does, but...


And, what? You think eating 10 pounds of beef/fish a day is cheap?


i dont know the most recent pics of cutler look pretty damn good. its gonna be tough for kai though im pulling for him


I don't know if he ever go down with another dude on tape or not, but certainly striped.


I was lied to and clicked that link of his gay porn...


I think deep down he wants to be a figure girl.


Stripping doesn't make you gay [not saying that's what you implied]. I worked at a male strip club a few years ago and I'm as straight as an arrow, though I wasn't a stripper. It was a little odd being around a bunch of dudes flossin' their cod pieces...


Dude, he looked better at 17 than 99% of the human population. I'm thinking drugs are not the major reason he looks like that.

But continue to blame your lack of progress on other's drug use. That's cool.


i am not judging him for his out of bodybuilding activities at all. to each their own.

the only thing that i;m thinking about in terms of bodybuilding is that his past will probably not help bring bodybuilding to the mainstream. I know there are a lot of you guys who prefer it to remain a cult following type of thing but there are many benefits from it too. More prize money, higher competition and just basic acceptance from other people.

the majority of people I know ridicule bodybuilding. they say "it's simply a homoerotic spectacle that involves overly drugged up freaks. what other sport involves dieting for weeks, getting all oiled up, tanning for hours, wearing little pink bikinis and showing off your glutes in competition."

i have a feeling that it would be hard for these people to change their views by watching an ex-porn star doing upside down splits and gyrating to music.


You really look at the guy and think about gay porn? This is ridicules. I have to agree with countingbeans on this one.

To achieve/maintain/add to that level of muscularity, the foundation of shear dedication to perform proper training AND nutrition must be funded with a substantial amount of cash flow. Just stating the obvious here. He's a bodybuilder, so, porn is the most easy way to get cash.

Besides in the porn industry if we consider the average wage of a men they earn as much as 4 times more as woman per gay movie. As I see it, he's so dedicated and focused on winning that he has the balls to do that. He's not an idiot. He knew people would recognize him.

And yet again here we are talking about Kai. I admire him if you ask me.



I mean, yeah I would strip for the extra change right now if I could, but I can't. So I don't blame the guy.

But I have no idea if he did hardcore or not. Sure some people have.

Lol @ flossin' their cod pieces


This thread has nothing to do with bodybuilding.

When I want to read about stripping and citrus fruit I usually head over to GAL or SAMA.


You really shouldn't play around with the gay porn thing.
People could easily take it wrong and run with that. There's a HUUUGEEE as difference between getting naked, and playing with another mans tool. If it's the first case you might as well call bodybuilding gay porn.


Well, if we really wanted to help get rid of the homoerotic vibe in pro bodybuilding I would recommend we first petition for more modest posing trunks and less emphasis on how dry a dude can get (more specifically: no thanks on the glute striations, especially when it involves butt flossing with your banana hammock to showcase them).

As for whether or not his past performances will impact his dreams of an Olympia... not sure. I mean, he DID win the Arnold, but he might have to wait a few years before he gets to the top of the mountain... regardless of whether he deserves to win it sooner rather than later. I'm not an expert on the politics of bodybuilding, so I can't say for sure.

Shit, even Arnie took some nude shots.


Kai Greene may be freakish, but my favorite is still Phil Heath. And Cutler is huge, if he drys up well, then...


Personally I think it has a lot to do with bodybuilding. The athletes involved at the highest level of the IFBB are the ambassadors of the sport. I am no bodybuilding aficionado but I definitely recognize the skill, hard work and genetic structure of Kai Greene. I am not trying to take away from his accomplishments, I am simply pondering what it would mean if he became Mr.O. Like I said these guys are the real ambassadors to the sport. If you google his name right now the first suggestion under his name is "Kai Greene Grapefruit video"

I have a feeling that will only add to the ridicule the sport is already facing in the general public.