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Kai Greene Interview



This interview just sent chills down my spine. This is why I'm rooting for Kai. If you're into any kind of weightlifting, I can't see how you might listen to this and not get a broner.


Thanks for posting that. Brought a big grin to my face, lol.


So I guess they play the fray in every gym accross the nation..

Those are some strong words, I was surprised at how intelligent he is..


Why is that?


Because in his other videos that I have watched he seemed to be rather dumb and obnoxious.


That's called immaturity. I personally plan on never acting fully mature until about 6pm on the last day that I live.


Yeah, you're right. He should probably focus on NOT having fun or spicing things up in the gym... because he's only in there for like three hours a day. I mean, it's only his professional career.

I hope I can grow up and be super un-charismatic, too.


I was asked an honest question, and I gave an honest answer..


Fair enough. But I mean really, even if you find him annoying, I'm sure you can understand how it'd be boring to be a solemn wall for that long all the time.


im obnoxious too.

tra la la la

anyway, awesome vid, gotta love Kai hope he wins it.


An interview with Charles Glass by Shawn Ray yesterday makes it seem like Kai is behind schedule.


Really? I wonder how you managed to infer that from the interview. He hinted that Kai seemed heavy the last time he saw him, but that could mean nothing. (Granted, it could also mean something, but.. who knows).

Actually, this isn't the first time the possibility of Kai being behind schedule came up, I guess we'll just have to wait and see, lol.


I've NEVER seen Kai completely off as far as conditioning. Even at his heaviest body weight, he still seems to be in pretty good condition...which is fucking amazing if you think about for someone at that height and that weight.


If he is "off", it would be a shame... even if he still looks great. This is the biggest show of his life (so far) and hes gonna have some tough competition. Hopefully he can dial it in, because everyone else SHOULD be.


That'll teach you! :slight_smile:


I've never thought he comes off as "dumb" in any of his interviews, obnoxious I can see, maybe even silly sometimes, but he's always pretty well spoken.


Being obnoxious is fun as hell. Kids are obnoxious. Kids are happy and carefree. Being obnoxious makes you happy and carefree. Perfect logic, don't question it.


This man just won my heart.

But no, no seriously. What an amazing guy. He has the body and the mind. Some people would try to have you believe that couldn't happen.



Fuck Lonnie seems obnoxious


That's assuming you live to see "6pm" on your final day.