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Kai Greene in Arnold Classic 2008?

Hey just wondering if anyone knew if Kai Greene was still competing this year… I know he was gonna, but I couldn’t find his name on the roster. It’s not like I’m gonna be there, I’m just a fellow New Yorker and a big fan.


This is a list I saw last month(sorry too lazy to find a new one)

Men’s Competitors

Melvin Anthony
Gustavo Badell
Adorthus Cherry
Toney Freeman
Kai Greene
Deshaun Grimez
Phil Heath
David Henry
Dexter Jackson
Johnnie Jackson
Victor Martinez
Desmond Miller
Ronny Rockel
Silvio Samuel
Branch Warren
Hidetada Yamagishi

Obviously Victor is out, not sure about Hidetada. Moe is in after the Ironman. Kai is on there though.


oh sweet! k i got worried for a bit, think i just had the wrong website