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Kai Greene Gets Pranked


EDIT: I did not do the following. Someone from another bodybuilding site pulled the prank and wrote what is written below.

This is a paste from another thread:

Here's the story...

Since the past couple months, I've wanted to prank Kai Greene by taking a picture with him while holding a grapefruit. Ideally an autographed grapefruit would have been totally awesome, but I didn't think he'd go for that. So..

I flew to Vegas with my friends for the Mr. Olympia weekend, and during our dinner buffet I asked for a grapefruit from the kitchen. A few hours later was the "Meet the Pros" event where fans can meet & take pictures with IFBB pros. Once I entered the venue, I immediately went to Kai Greene's line while having the grapefruit in my pocket. After waiting in a verrrry long line for 2 hours, I texted my friends to come take the picture for me with Kai.

I shook Kai's hand, and held him with my left arm while pulling the grapefruit from my right pocket. The crowd surrounding us & his personal security were surprised and shocked when they saw the grapefruit, but Kai had no idea I was holding it. Here it is:

After that, I quickly walked away with my friend trying to get away from the scene ASAP. But, it just so happened that I walked through one of his security guards, and I got punched 4 times in the hips while trying to get away. The last I heard was "we'll be keeping an eye on you" while I frolicked to Jay Cutler's line...


I had a grapefruit
I took a picture with Kai while holding the grapefruit
I got pwned

The end.


Hey. I posted in your other one, you bastard.


"That's a small grapefruit."

There. Proceed.

edit: wtf? now the other is gone. I think the mods just pwned me.



Yeah I created another one since I figured linking bb.com would have it deleted. Also the fucker posted this pic on Kai Greene's FB page. That's how I found it.




The disrespectful, smug little shit. Kai is there, like all the competitors, suffering through these formalities after dieting down for weeks, and he has to smile for pictures with cunts like this. I don't think Kai would endorse physical violence against this guy, he's too nice for that, but someone should've dragged him to a back room somewhere. Why doesn't it surprise me that the perpetrator is a dickless fat kid from that so-called bodybuilding site?

I'm shocked he went to Vegas for the greatest show in bodybuilding, and this is the best thing he could think of doing with his time... Where's DBCooper when you need him?


Whats the backstory with the grapefruit?



Thats what he gets for doing gay porn and banging grapefruits.


Wow, way to be a giant douche.


These dudes don't get paid enough for that shit.


Awesome. Did he ask you over for fruit salad after, if you get my drift?


There isn't much of one. Kai was an exotic dancer (at least before he got as big as he is now) and he did a skit with a grapefruit. This is apparently the one thing people will focus on for the rest of his career...even though it had nothing to do with bodybuilding.


Ok Nevermind.



What gay porn? You must follow this guy around more than all of us.


...and you know you fail when Super Hater agrees with it.


Are we talking Fruitiality here?



The first time I heard of that grapefruit thing it took me all of 30 seconds to find a video of him and a dude.

I can only assume that they really, really like each other.


I'm not looking for videos of dudes.

I also know someone who did that through school and he isn't gay but said that gay dudes pay more than the women for dances. That's reality.


Yes. From what I understand, the fruit in question filed a RAPE charge. Something about being pulped.





^ Not touching that link with a 10 foot pole


Interesting. I do enjoy Melons myself, so I can partially sympathise with him.