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Kai Greene Defends Mike O’Hearn

Sure, why not -lol


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I, for one, am shocked, SHOCKED I say, to see Kai Greene say something so controversial that will UNDOUBTEDLY bring him attention.


Kai gonna kai.

I feel like it’s beating a dead horse on steroids to even dispute him at this point, but, on a side note, have you ever seen training videos with Mike and other people? He seems super positive at first, and he’s obviously strong as shit (reverse grip benching 405 for reps, etc.), but holy shit is he annoying, haha.

He spends like half of this video touching Jay Cutler and telling him how to perform the exercise. Because Jay Cutler doesn’t know how to properly contract his muscles.


lol, Kai will do anything to try to stay relevant, and Mike will vehemently cling to his lies despite the fact that next to none of his “achievements” are verifiable. What would either of them do without social media?


The chance mike is natty is probably less likely then me winning the open Olympia next year.

He’s in his 50s and keeps getting bigger and bigger .

He’s got amazing genetics no doubt and may not need a ton to be that size but …yeah…

Kai just gonna do what he needs to stay in the public
Eye in some way.

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I happen to know Mike O’Hearn is natural. He only takes duck eggs, and Kai’s used grapefruits:)

And if you had the Frog, you’d see the same results, hater.



He’d be better off trying to argue that he isn’t on much opposed to pure natty. Lol

I may invest in one of those frog things though hahaha

I have seen maybe two videos with him in it and it takes a fair bit of discipline not to throw the phone across the room.

A bit after the hour mark - which I was directed to from the comments section because I could not get through more than a couple minutes of it - Mike just pisses Jay off so badly. He’s hammering home his ultra optimal technique for tricep extensions and Jay and Larry are both like “Yeah, we feel it in the shoulder a bit much” and Mike’s just like “First time. It’s your first time doin’ it.”

Again, a Mr. Olympia and an ATWR holding PLer, telling Mike, doesn’t feel right, him, shaking his Mufasa hair and telling them they’re wrong. If it wasn’t so cringey it’d be hilarious. It’s still pretty hilarious.

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Mike O’ Heard, cause you’ve only heard his name in scandal and nothing of actual substance.

I do genuinely miss the redeemable Kai Greene, back when there was literally only one weird thing to his name and we all just kinda shrugged it off…


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I was just thinking to myself “How can I make locomotion harder and more awkward?” and now there is this.

Thank you.



Would you rather have it so that any time you do anything for the rest of your life, Mike shows up and forcefully grabs you to let you know you’re doing it wrong, or have it so that the Frog is the only way you are allowed to travel anywhere?

In the second scenario, walking would no longer be allowed, and this includes navigating inside your house. In the first scenario, this could include anything from brushing your teeth to making love to your significant other.

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I’d take the mike advise over the frog. My wife says I am excellent at ignoring people so wouldn’t bother me much !!

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I would take the first scenario.

He might be like super natty, but I’m a pretty special kind of special, and pretty sure I could drive him completely insane in a relatively short amount of time.

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I was gonna say, it’s only a one way conversation, but I realized that if you just got more awkward with the movement every time he tried to correct you, he might explode like the fembots in Austin Powers.

By the way, Mike would be the most obvious cyborg ever.

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I was also thinking he might share his natty secrets with me or failing that share is roids!!!

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That’s the point - you’re getting his natty secrets. When you breathe - he’s there. When you try for a new squat 1RM - he’s there, hands all over you, bellowing advice in your face. When @skyzyks is welding, he’s grabbing him mid-weld and telling him how to do it better. It’s why he knows how to workout more than the best bodybuilders and powerlifters in the world.

I’ll just stand behind him with a makeup mirror flashing him through the back of his hood until his head explodes.

He stands no chance. None.

Lmfao sounds like a living natty hell