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Kai Greene- Current Shape May 2020

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Trying to create speculation on a Mr O return?

Yeah no point in talking about him he’s just a teaser

Either way it’s impressive.

Sure but not much more than the previous year, or the year before that, or the year before that… He could have the best physique in the world, if he’s not competing, well…

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Kai is a lot smaller than he used to be. I don’t think we will see him competing again.

That’s supposedly an old video. He still has a tooth gap in that video (he doesn’t anymore). He also was posting photo-shopped photos. Seems like he’s just trying to get attention. Lost a good bit of respect from me.

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Kai’s grapefruit brings all the boys to the yard:)

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In my opinion, he missed any chance he ever had to win the Olympia. Now he’s all about trying to still keep some attention even though most people don’t care Anymore.

The guy lost a lot of respect from me when I learned the actual details of him playing up the poor impoverished bodybuilder in his videos while my friend’s father was helping him broker a brand new house.



speak in good, speak in bad but speak about it

What. No one appreciates the grapefruit humour?

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I’m curious about that story.

Also the video probably isn’t new, Kai got those teeths done some time ago.