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Kai Greene at NPC NJ Suburban Show


There was a video posted a short while back of Kai Greene's posing routine. On the link posted below, there are some pictures from both the show and of him in his off-season form. He's gigantic, and he's still relatively lean.


You'll see pics when you scroll down, click on the right-side ones and there are a few pics of him on there. Weird dude, for sure. Fairly large legs, though.


This is the guy that had sex with the fruit right?


Since I posted this in the bodybuilding section of a bodybuilding website, I was thinking the discussion would have a more narrow focus. Silly me.


Hell no!! Who wants to discuss how to get big muscles when we can talk about nectarines and oranges!!

I agree, the guy is amazingly developed and the gains he's made over the last few years are nothing short of amazing. Anyone of that height who can walk around at 300lbs with abs must look like a fucking cartoon in real life.


the only place you can talk about bodybuilding is strength sports.


Its soo awesome to see top professional bodybuilders in real life. I met Will Harris in July after he guest posed and the dood is massive. You see all the 'big' amateurs and then a pro walks in and makes any amateur look like an average joe.

Kai will definitely be a contender in ANY show he does next year. I'm really excited for the lineups we will have next year.



he is amazing, especially his legs, which are insanely detailed. i, for one, love his posing and 'eccentric' side, since i have a bit of 'eccentric' in me myself (being a former regular at the sound factory in NYC will do that to ya hehe).

and yea, he's made huge gains the past few years - eating ten pounds of fish per day would certainly help pack on some mass lol.


Lotta folks don't realize how much progress he made as a natural competitor before making the switch a few years back. Amazing progress on that guy. I saw him at the NPC Brooklyn last year,.... just a beast!



Color me impressed. Legs are amazingly detailed at that body weight.


When I first saw his initial pic in that series, it was a definite blow me away moment. His legs really look like that? Holy fucking shit.

Extra assistance aside, he is a testament (along with almost every other pro?) to bulking up above desirable waist levels, only going back down once sufficient progress has been met. It's a tough road, but progress like that helps me along. Hopefully it provides inspiration for others, as well.


Haha sorry. The "weird dude" comment led me down that path.

From what I've heard, the most inspiring thing about Kai is the dedication and progress that he makes while having very little in the way of money. Definitely loves the sport.