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Kai Greeen: OVERKILL Will Be Available Online


I am very excited that bb.com is serializing my new documentary about Kai Greene's first attempt at the Olympia on their videos page!

We are going to post one segment a week in its entirety. So if you were wondering what all the fuss is about but wasn't sure you wanted to shell out the $29.95 to buy the DVD, here's a good chance to watch the whole documentary for free!

Thanks to T-Nation for welcoming me and thanks to everyone for your support.


You are very generous with your work Mike, good stuff.


Let me also say thanks to this website for NOT erasing Mike's ads. I'll be buying this one.


Thank you sir, and also thanks to T-Nation for letting this stay up.


That's nice


Same here. If it's as good as Pumping Iron, it's worth dropping money. What a great movie.

Kai just seems like an all around nice guy from what I've seen of him. Big fan here





Found a trailor on youtube

Couldn't find anything on BB.com



It's a featured video on the videos page. The mods here don't want me posting links to other sites and I can respect that.


It's there.

Mike i like when these videos delve into the story a bit beyond the training. So keep up the good work.



Just watched the 1st segment, fantastic. Good work buddy, can't wait to see the rest!



Wow - a lot better than I expected.


Yea, I understand. I was looking in the store portion of that sight, idiot me.

For those of you still looking for it, it's under the "Video Shows" link in the "Super Site" portion of bb.


Awesome. The only thing that needs work is the marketing team for MM, because those little advertisements interspersed within the film seem like a complete joke, almost as if they are a mockery of the supplement industry.


I'm going to order this, looks fantastic so far! :slightly_smiling: Thank you Mike.


Well, I made those commercials so you can blame me!! LOLL!

I didn't mean for them to be a mockery. I was kind of having fun with them and maybe it come off the wrong way. Thanks for letting me know.


Haha, well yeah I thought they were a bit cringeworthy too (although it's good to know you didn't take them too seriously, I prefer them knowing that :), but the doc was what counted (for me anyway) and that was brilliant so far. Cheers Mike.


I wasn't trying to be rude, the commercials just came off as cliche, reminded me of GloboGym in the movie Dodgeball.

I think taking a more serious tone, and using some higher quality templates (the flashing red and the power point-esque templates seemed low quality/budget) for the commercials could go along way, especially when your being backed by a stud like Kai.

Just my thoughts though.


Very well done Mike. Kai has always came across as a humble, driven, and personable competitor, and you seem to capture the rapport between him, Oscar, and their pursuit very well. While I had some difficulty downloading the vid from the site it plays on (they give you the option below the window, but then my computer can't open it), I will be tuning in to watch the other installments.



I'd like it if you showed footage of Victor Martinez about to do a most muscular pose, and the instant he hits it cut to a nuclear explosion.