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Kai Can Eat!


Holy shit



puts it away like it's nothing



That's why he's a pro and I'm not, really gives you a perspective on what "eat big" really means.


I struggle big time with eating big.....I just have a crappy appetite which is easily lost.....I'm getting better though. I was able to gain 10 pounds in 2 months...If I were a pro bodybuilder with soo much money on the line, I could eat till I puked I think.


If I ever make it to that level...I want to speak into a different mic


repost- this was right after a competition, not how he eats all the time.


Still awesome.


However, after a contest your stomach is smaller. Imagine how much he can put away after bulking to his heaviest body weight and filling up on a regular basis. He has claimed 9-10lbs of steak and fish a day...and I believe it.



Seriously, Kai is a beast!




Look at the size of this guy's hands ! Like a bunch of bananas !


HAHAHA, a meatshake.....



The point being, it's still fucking awesome. And it is a repost, I know, but it's good to show people what a real pro bodybuilder eats sometimes.


That's insane, but equally impressive was the baggage clerk who said her nephew was an 11yr old highschool sophomore...


i find it harder to eat super big when i sleep over 7 or 8 hours. if i'm awake more often, and don't get such a huge break from eating(a long sleep), it makes it easier.


I wonder how he survived a 16 hour flight? Think the flight attendants constantly brought him food?


I've seen him carry a HUGE cooler with him just to walk to the gym. I am betting his carry on luggage is nothing but tupperware filled with cold food. He is one who doesn't miss a meal no matter what he is doing. I guess you have to be like that to blow up like he did. Eating is his job now..and he is apparently employee of the year.


Probably hid a bbq'd kangaroo in his carry on and just tore a piece off when he got hungry.




I don't know how he survives traveling in the US with airport security as strict as it is. Don't know if "I'm a bodybuilder" would work.


I mean, holy shit.