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Kai at 9 Weeks Out - 297lbs & Lean KABOOM!


here's a few shots...too bad no wheels pics


Jesus H Christ, and he's still 9 weeks out?






hard to say if he's truly 297lbs in these pics but that's what they're selling him as...

to be fair, he very well might be what they say, standing him next to someone else is the only way to see just how full he is. he definitely looks good for being 2+ months out though.

i hope he smashes the O this year, he's got a new DVD coming out soon too, second volume of OVERKILL.


Sick back. I dunno about 297 though. What's Roelly weighing right now? He looks MUCH larger than Kai in his 10 weeks out pics.


it's hard to tell Way, unless you put them side by side. the mag photos you've seen from the mags are taken from angles which are made to make him appear even bigger, Roelly is a beast, he might bust into the top 6 this year but until they are side by side it's just US guessing.

phil heath looks amazing standing alone, and vic looks great in the off-season, my point it's all about how they line up and look on that one day. we'll have to see how jay looks too.

kai, jay, phil, branch, dex, vic, roelly, toney, we'll have to wait and see.

Q: way, do you feel like you are growing still while maintain that level of leaness? you're a monster bro, you've got so many more yrs to grow, not fair.


Looks about 165 with 14" arms to me. Obviously he's obsessed with his damn abz


no obiviulsyz he has to bulk to up tuo getz to that sizes of muzcle 4 jiz 8-pak cool.


I guess I'm thinking that the only person who has even been 290+ pounds looking like that has been Coleman. He stepped on stage at 297 in '03 I believe and he was fucking monstrous, not to mention several inches taller than Kai. So I guess I just have a hard time believing someone 3-4 inches shorter can be holding that much weight, just doesn't look like it. But, that's irrelevant, Kai is still retard hyooge.

and thanks man. Yah, I plan on staying this lean for the next year or so, things are still moving in the right direction so I'd say it's working.


lol <3

Lemonade crystal light is better.


offseason last year at 305lb


Its insane how even in off season hes still relatively lean! A+ grade genetics and hes such a cool dude as well! Hope he does amazing at the Big O!


Obviously certain things are relative. Possibly his ever thickening midsection could be detracting from the size of his upper torso? Of course numbers don't really matter, but he's definitely sporting a ton of size, while still looking like he's going to nail his conditioning as well.



Kai is bloody amazing!

The balance in his chest and the size of those triceps is ridiculous!


he still has baby traps, phil beat him at the arnold. Kai got given a gift at the arnold.


Seriously. Saying he has the entire horseshoe going would be an absurd understatement. It's more like an elephantshoe.


lolzzzzzzz, nice.


Yeah,. I like both Kai and Phil, and certainly don't always root for one over the other, but Phil won the Arnold hands down. I don't know anyone (other than the judges obviously -lol) who thought otherwise.



Kai does look amazing there though. Lol i really dont see how much he can lose there!