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Kaeos Training Video

( Every week, the trainers at Kaeos Fitness, NJ, will post videos of our workouts. We include various types of lifts, and training styles. )

Here is Kaeos Fitness most recent video on youtube. In celebration of the NFL combine, two trainers at the gym completed the 40 yard dash and 225 rep test. Enjoy.

cool video, damn they’re fast

Second guy might wanna work on not bouncing the weight off his chest though

I normally don’t it was in honor of the nfl combines. Wanted to see what I could do balisticaly.

great surface to be sprinting on, lol

sorry, couldn’t resist

Pavement with a thick latex coating. It’s pretty soft. Whats your point?

nice PM LOL
but I’m pretty sure this isn’t me

Why are you doing shrugs with a mixed grip? Why not just use straps?

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
nice PM LOL
but I’m pretty sure this isn’t me
http://www.T-Nation.com/private_images/2/1/21a61-jehfitness.jpg [/quote]

maybe not


but it wasn’t a comlete shot in the dark.