Kaatsu... Ever Done It?

I’m a Health and Exercise Science major at OU, and the department always has different studies going on.

I was a volunteer in this particular study, looking at the hormone levels in college-aged women on oral contraceptives after having two lifting sessions, one with kaatsu @ 20% of my max (1x30, 2x15, leg ext. and leg press) and one w/o kaatsu at 80% of my max. (3x10)

After I signed up for the study, I started doing some research and it’s pretty interesting stuff. It’s mentioned in a few threads and articles here on T-Nation.

Here’s an article on it, I was just wondering if anyone has used this or looked into it.


For me, the session with kaatsu was fairly difficult. I think the main reason for this was the fact that I had to fast the night before. They drew my blood before and after each session, and the 24 hours after, so I got somewhat nauseated after having no food in me coupled with vascular restriction.

My roommate is a kinesiology grad student and research asst. at LSU and they are currently doing Kaatsu studies. If you have questions you can try to contact that department or he is on here. PM me and I will give his name.