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K9 Officer Dead, Town Outraged


On 11/30/10, the Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant was robbed by two people. After short while, one of the robbers was found near RT-42. Officer K-9 Shultz was released to go after the robber. After biting the robber, Shultz was thrown into on coming traffic on RT-42 by the robber."

They put up both alleged criminals pictures and facebook pages and called them scumbags. Then created a facebook page not to mourn the dog but to further ridicule the alleged criminals. I wont post the fb link but its not hard to find. Some of the shit people say...

Anyway my view on it is he threw the dog off him not trying to kill the dog but rather get the dog the fuck off him. He had no intention to kill the dog and he even got hit by a car himself. If anything i think the mode of the police pursuit resulted in the loss of the dog. Send a dog down the biggest highway in the town? Noooo problemo.


To those who were actually mourning the loss of the dog and the loss to the family, my condolences. To those shouting with pseudo-justice blood lust, my disdain.

P.S. I'm only familiar with game dogs so I'll ask this to somebody who might be in the business of training these attack dogs - Is it normal for them to be able to be "thrown" off after they make a bite? Better question how can you throw a dog into a car and get hit by the same car? Should this be a armed robbery + homocide + suicide attempt? rollseyes. Anyway not that I'm a close friend but I hope his time isn't too excessive.


lol. This is what I see.


First post in a couple months and I up and forget how.


You said "they put up a facebook page to further ridicule the alleged criminals"... Who is they? The police station? One of the officers?


I will never understand the hard on people have for domestic animals.




Here, it's pretty simple actually, you see blood fills the corpora cavernousa and it elongates and fills the penis making it "hard" or harder than it was.


I had a police dog coming at me once and I can understand the guy's reaction. Those fuckers are fast, MEAN, and can tear you apart really quick. You don't have time to think ''fuck you pigdog, meet the traffic'', you just want to save your life.


not a pet person? i never really understood it either until me and the gf got a dog... its much different perception now...


He just hasn't had time in his life for a dog or cat what with all the cocksucking and such.




...can we hang out?


Well, yeah! You bring your heavy metal collection and I'll bring the heavy-amped P/A system and we'll torture the neighbors.


I never did either, until this little stray kitten some asshole abandoned walked into my life. Usually I just give them to the humane society, but something was different about this one. We've been best buds for years now, best cat in the world, scary smart, listens to commands... I'd sob like a baby if something happened to him.


It's just an animal, people.
You can grow an attachement to anything but it's just a mutt, at the end of the day.
Don't really see the big deal. A dog died, boohoo, so tragic.
The guy was gonna get ripped to shreds. Can you fault him?


I imagine the this is what happened after they caught the criminal:

.......Except it was a dog.


So if you have a kid, then by the same logic its just a shit factory? By marginalizing the dog as "just a mutt" you take away the fact that the K9 officer died in the line of duty. A dog that more or less lived to serve, died in service to his community. So how bout you not be a dick about it.


x2. Well I guess Blaze is a big ole internet tough guy and doesnt afraid of anything.


I pointed out 'domestic animals'.
Do not equate humans with domestic animals.
Or are you one of those people that thinks a puppy is worth more than a human baby?

edit: How does me saying I don't understand why people give a fuck about dogs so much means I'm being a tough guy?


Thing is in, 'Merica, we don't really view our dogs as Domestic animals. They are more like part of the family. No, I wouldn't sacrifice a human baby for a puppy. But that puppy could grow up to save that babies life in some way or another.

I'm just saying respect that dogs sacrifice. It's not like he was set upon a innocent man.