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K9 Kettlebells & Barbells: 531 morning star


Im going to try and keep a log in here. Ive just finished a 531 12 week challenge. Results below:


Not a bad increase but since it was my first 531 cycle in a long time, I think sticking to a 12 week BBB template would have given a better result. For my next cycle I want to focus on Presses and squats. Presses because I have a 36 kg kettlebell that I have been trying to strict press for over 1,5 year. Right now I lack the strength, to press the damn thing. My squat is really weak and therefore my next cycle will be 531 " the morning star"

This week is my deload week where I mostly will rest with some low intensity stuff thrown in.

More to come.

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What I did before this:

I ran Dan Johns mass made simple, which although I didnt gain a lot of weight bc I messed up diet, my strength made a big jump.
Prior to that was a year of mostly kettlebell training, ran ROP a few times and did Easy strength for a couple of months. Which both gave good results. I went for easy strength for a longer time bc of other sports I was busy with. Finally got a rack and decided to go for a 531 program.

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Decided to start my first session of 531 morning star.
Playing around with the weights I will use. Did:
10 reps barbell clean, playing around a bit since it’s not something I do often. Heaviest was 65 kg, mostly focussing on getting under the bar. Could go heavier but will build it slowly.
10x5 kettlebell press with 2x20 kg, went smooth, decided to use kb’s for my 10 set training on presses. Mostly because I was scared my workouts would take too long. But did my session pretty fast. Did 5x5 squats in between, 75 kg was about right weight for this session.

Finished off with 50 band curls and triceps extensions. Might change up my supplemental exercises and probable need to add some leg raises and lots off rows.
The program is 3x a week, so might do 2 sessions where i do rows en leg raises and 1 session where I train guns.
3x a week leaves me with more room to add in some running or other conditioning work. Well at least untill we can start bjj and kickboxing again. But I think that the semi lockdown will take a few more months at least.
In the morning I did a 6.5 km walk with my dog.
Not sure if im allowed to post a link to a part of my workout but here it is anyway: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIlnrGnhEPf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

10 dec: 5km walk with my dog

11 dec:
powercleans, went up to 70 kg but form was suffering, will drop weight and slowly build technique first.
squat: 3-2-2-2-1 @ 85 kg
press: 5x5@45 kg
3 sets trx rows,
3 sets hanging leg raises
1 set 7 reps double 24 kg kb rows
Small tension in lower back, from last weeks deadlift set, session went pretty good. Presses felt smooth and so did squats. Cleans need more work.
Also did another 5km walk with my dog.

That’s a good looking pup. Good luck with your training.

Morning Star is definitely on my todo list, be following along to see how you go.

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its an older pic, she is getting big lol

Short session today, have work to do.
Managed 10x5 squats 75 kg and 2-2-2-1-1-1-1 for total of 10 reps @ double 28’s kb. Which is close to my training max.


10 reps powerclean
7x5 kb press double 20’s
3x5 kb press double 24’s
5x5 squat @77,5 kg

Good session.
Might add some supplemental work later today.

–did some band curls–

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Another short session after my early shifts.
Cleans just a few sets up to 65 kg.
5x5 press@50 kg
2-3-3-2 reps @90 kg

Powerclean felt heavy, press went good and squat felt strong. Could have done my 10 reps in less sets but didn’t want to push too hard since I added 5 kg compared to last week. Lower back feels recovered. Glad I didn’t have to do 10 sets on squat today :joy:

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Slowly gonna start adding in some kb complexes to add in some conditioning. Yesterday first day I did them.