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This weekend is the K1 Grand Final in Japan, I am not a big fight fan but I understand the event is HUGE is there (Char will prob be able to confirm). I know there are a lot of UFC followers on the forum, what are the main differences between K1 and UFC? Is K1 a major event on the fight scene or is a bit like the boxing situation with heaps of different federations doing the same type of thing? The reason I ask is that 2 of the finalists are from NZ and it gets a fair bit of media coverage.

You’ll SEE the difference between K-1 and UFC once you watch a fight from either event. It’s quite visually apparent.

I'm much more of a K-1 fan than UFC. There's a store here in Portland that sells really cool Japanese toys, action figures and also rents K-1, UFC, Pride tapes. So, we rent the tapes. I get my K-1 fix that way.

Here's a little explanation of K-1 from the official site: "Karate, Kickboxing, Tae kwon do and Kung fu are among the martial arts upon which K-1 is founded"

The official site can be found here: www.k-1gp.net/

So, is one of the NZ finalists Ray Sefo? If so, yeah, he's a badass. It's starting to pick up here in the states. Someday,someday, I'll watch K-1 while sitting in the Tokyo Dome!

K-1 is great entertainment! It’s basically Muay Thai with a few extra rules (i.e. less clinch time). I think the favourites to win this tournament are Jerome Lebanner (my pick, even though he’s French) and Ernesto Hoost although with Sapp (a veritable monster) in there anything could happen.

Oh and your question re: is K1 big - yes K-1 is a major event. It has by far the best heavyweight kickboxers in the world compete. For heavyweights all other organizations are second rate.

I’d love to see Hoost win, too, Geoff, but after watching that 1st fight, I can’t imagine how he’d win. It appears he just can’t hurt Sapp with punches at all. All of them just bounced off his skull supported by that edifice of muscle he calls a neck. There’s always a decision, but I think can shove him in the corner like last time at least once or twice during the fight.

Yeah, I think Hoost may have a tough time first round plus Aerts is on that side of the bracket hence my choice of Lebanner to win. Still, Hoost is an awesome kickboxer and IMO having fought Sapp already Hoost should have a better gameplan for this fight.

Basically, I’d pick Le Banner over Musashi; Leko over Hunt (I know more about Leko than Hunt); Sapp vs. Hoost? I want Hoost - since I just think, technically, he’s great! I’ve always had a fondness for Hoost; Sefo over Aerts. I haven’t seen Aerts in a bit, but for awhile there it looked like he had put on alot of unnecessary weight and it was causing him “issues”, i.e. injuries.

Looks like some good matchups, though. Wish I could see watch these....damn.

Hoost had Sapp’s legs hurting pretty bad in the first fight. Sapp couldn’t stop the leg kicks Hoost was dishing out and he was limping a bit too. But then Hoost got stupid or full of pride and decided to punch it out with a 360lbs all muscle giant. Plus Sapp got away with pushing and grabbing Hoost the entire fight. Another problem I saw with Hoost was that he would walk straight back when Sapp would come at him. Does anyone know if this event will be on ppv in North America?

Gotta go with “Mr Perfect”, Ernesto Hoost. He will find a way to get the win. Aerts is always dangerous, but has been slipping lately.

Yup, K-1 is big over here. The competitors appear on TV with regularity, and everyone knows the names of the champs.

Personally, I don’t like K-1 as much as Pride or UFC (not that I get to see much UFC here… sniff); it just doesn’t seem as “real”. But I’m in the minority here.

Thanks for the replies, the finalists from NZ are Ray Sefo, Mark Hunt (defending champ).

Hoost got TKO’d by Sapp but is allowed to continue because Sapp broke his hand. Hoost’s next opponent is Sefo but Sefo quits in the first round due to a leg injury. In the final it is Lebanner vs Hoost but Lebanner quits in the third round due to an injury. Hoost is the K-1 Grand Prix champion.

Basicly K-1 is kickboxing with knee-strikes allowed or Muay Thai without elbow-strikes. A lot of the competitors from Pride also fight in K-1. Special Pride events has been made too, where the K-1 fighters fight against Pride fighters under special rules. “Shockwave”, or “Dynamite” as it was called in Japan, has been the biggest of those events yet. Mirko “Crocop” is in my opinion the one of the K-1 fighters, that suits the MMA style the best. He’s taken out both Kazuyuki Fujita and Kasushi Sakuraba and he delivered one of the best fights ever against Vanderlei Silva. Gotta love the “Crocop” vs Silva staredown ;]

Totally agree, oblivion. “Crocop” is awesome. Didn’t he win the K-1 when he was like, 40-years old? Amazing.

Patricia: No, “Crocop” was born in 1974 :). If I’m not mistaken, he has “only” won the European Grand Prix in '96 and hasn’t won the World Grand Prix yet. A thing that adds to his coolness is his former profession. He was a squadleader for a special police unit in Croatia (Something like SWAT). His nickname is an abbreviation of “Croatian Cop”.

Oblivion: I KNOW there is a K-1 fighter. This fighter won the K-1 title, once, when he was at least 40-years old. I just read Mirko’s bio, s’okay thinking, he’s definitely, obviously, NOT the guy I’m thinking…