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K1 Final 16 2010


edit: I see you cannot link to a users channel easily, thanks koukides
just browse evilbyte's channel for more fights

p.s.I wish we had such commentators in Germany.


That video or whatever it is isn't showing for me...

but man. Alistair Overeem is so awesome. I want to see him fight Brock so bad...

although that guy he fought was a flabster... he could punch fast for being so fat!


fixed-the-link bump

some badass dudes these guys are.


Totally. Watching them chain together punches and kicks is amazing.

I don't think I'd ever be able to do that.

and hey - I noticed Alistair looked like he wanted to clinch up but seemed tentative... as if he stopped. Is this not allowed in K1? I thought I saw it before within K1, but I am not positive.


yes, I lost track of how exactly you're sopposed to clinch now if you want to knee someone in the head.

I think a single knee is allowed with one arm pulling the head down.
If you use both, you have to target the body.
Could be wrong, though.

I can live with that rule even because smaller [average] guys would stand NO chance against monsters like Overeem and Schilt.


O. really has got the hang of how to use a 21 century hercules (read: cybernetic) body.

his first punch - hurt.
his second punch - opponent knocked down and dazed.
third punch - again, knockdown and general punishment.
three more strikes - opponent hurt badly
two hooks chained loosely together - ktfo

that's 8 punches for three knockdowns and a win.

leBanner was an ass. He looked good, but I counted a draw, too. I'm amazed by Kyotarou's ability to take blows of that caliber with a relatively high chin.

Saki is getting better and better.


I don't think you can use both hands to throw clinch knees, to the body or the head. Just one hand and only one knee at a time


Not a big fan of Reem. There are very few fighters who made it as obvious as Reem did that he got the best juice he could buy.

He went from a LHW that Chuck made an example out of when in Japan, to a monster heavy weight that would rival UFC monsters in size in a span of only a year or two.

However, i would like to see him in UFC, too bad he prefers japan where drug testing is an option not a necessity.


You talking about an interview or something? Link?

He has fought in Strikeforce in the USA and tested negative for performance enhancing drugs.

Also it was not a year or two. It was quite a few that he got consistently bigger and even if he was JOOZINNNN he still busted his ass. You don't get that big from training like a pussy.

And also: I thought Overeem was doing pretty good against Chuck before being knocked out. He doesn't like getting hit though. It's not like it was an isolated occurrence with Chuck.


You do sound awefully jealous, don't you?
And with good reason!

No really, I think you make a rather weak case, actually:

There isn't something like "the best" juice. Nobody knows how their body will respond, so maybe Overeem can consider himself lucky but on the other hand he really trained hard with successfull strongmen and ate like a pro bodybuilder.
K-1 is a sport where more size is a big advantage - especially when multiple knees from the clinch were still allowed, something Overeem can do very well .
So it's fair to assume he wanted to get both stronger and more massive.
Did he assume he'll explode like that? No, but does he have to be ashamed for great results?
The juice is just one a extra factor, done in many pro sports not because it makes you huuuge but because you can train harder and rest better.
And it's not even illegal in J.
So it's both reasonable and for O. perhaps even a moral imperative; to ensure that his family will still have a healthy dad.

He is far from being just some LHW. He had a fairly long career with mostly spectacular fights, often against top 10 guys.

Also, are you sure the "UFC monsters" are or were always clean?
We know the answer.

And fourth, if he can be a superstar in Japan, good for him, he totally deserves it.
He doesn't have to prove anything to UFC fans.
If Dana won't make him a good offer, he should laugh it off as he swims in Yen and silken, s-size panties.


Overeem looks bigger every time I see him fight


In all fairness most top heavies juice with the exception of Fedor.


Did anyone else expect the announcer to get a heart attack?



I'm not disagreeing, but I think hating on Overeem just because he's big and muscley is pretty stupid. It's nice to see a heavyweight look like that instead of like Brock. Overeem keeps things lean and to me, that adds more to his appeal as a fighter. What is more bad ass than a huge, lean professional fighter? Serious...


Just a note : Overeem has also stated that when he was LHW he was purposefully staying smaller. He claims to always having been a natural heavyweight.

Plus, come on. He was like 23 when he fought Chuck Liddell. Of course he is gonna look smaller when he is younger.


Uh gay. I really don't give a fuck about most heavies though much less skill than lower weights.


Horse meat FTMFW!


Goddamnit, yes. I think there's like 3 good Aussie commentators in all of Australia. All 3 of them were elsewhere that night.

Regarding the fight, I've never liked overeem's style. It's just every time I watch him, I look at him and expect to see this skilled striker with a repertoire of strikes and combinations, but all he does is throw big leaping knees or go to his out punch - a big looping overhand.


K1 16 was awesome. I can not accept that argument that overeem did nothing special than throwing an looping overhand out of the blue. this was perfectly executed devastating counter punching. real fedor style exept for the fact that he only needed one punch to drop his opponent.

but please watch the gokhan saki fight against kemayo. man this guy can strike... awesome!


What about the MAX fights the day after?

Serious awesomeness right there!

The big guys made some very exciting fights as well (Ghita - Zimmerman and Teixeira - Aerts), but the final bracket just... doesn't feel right to me.
It doesn't seem balanced at all, but in the end, it's not like FEG pushed it down the fighters' throats.