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K.O. By Exercise Machine



Damn. He was out cold. LOL


Haha. Should eat more carrots.




You got knocked the fuck out!

This one is my favorite.
It always seems like the person knocked themselves out too:


I guess that will add to the reasons to wear wrist straps on the lat machine while using FA weight.



fucking owned




That really scared me when it happened. I don't know what "gives". that crap is just nuts and I guess these people are just weak. Hope that doesn't ever happen to me.


looked staged.


i dont know whats worse

the fact that he got knocked out

or the fact that he got knocked out by 40 pounds on a lat pulldown


his left hand looks limp. pwned!!


...in the coming Terminator age, only free weights will be allowed.


Even though he was out cold he still managed to put his hand on the leg extension pad to break his fall. Nice.


That's what you get for being a doofus.

I've never done anything that stupid in the weight room and gotten hurt. And I think most guys who train with some good 'ole common sense on their side should probably be able to say the same.


I lol'ed, I am not the type of guy to laugh when someone huts themselves but yeah that was damn funny.


Dude... I hate to say it, but I did something similar to this the other day when I was doing push-presses overhead... I was on my last rep and using a wide grip with a weight I couldn't raise without some leg drive and I didn't get my head out of the way when I pushed it up and whacked myself right underneath my chin... lil' red mark there now... ouch!

I don't think anyone saw, but it pissed me off more than it hurt, and I recovered and finished the last rep, but gawd damn it sucked!


I almost KO'd myself in the gym. I was warming up for front squats with the bar and forgot to set the pins lower and dropped down BOOM bar stopped my face kept going nailed my chin off it.


I once smacked myself in the face with a high pull while warming up for some Olympic lifts. Thankfully it was with an unloaded bar but... yeah. Not my proudest moment.


one time I was doing o.h. squats w / 55 .lbs of plates on each side. was getting my ass 4" from ground. 4th rep failed and fell back. lol. have to adit it was embarassing. but more then being embarassed I was stocked that I got 3 reps w/ 55.lbs on each side!