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K Gets Serious


Hi, I'm Kiersten. Let me start with the basics:

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 115.8lbs, according to my scale this morning.
Chest: 34"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 35"
Thighs: 19"
Arms: 11"

Goals: Get to competition level for power lifting. It would be a bonus to lose about 2" off the waist, but I'm not that worried about it.

I've been lifting for about two years recreationally, but just recently (as in yesterday) decided to play to my strengths and start power lifting. I was a cheerleader and dancer throughout my childhood and teen years so I already have strong legs, and I'm not afraid of a little weight. My husband has volunteered to coach/train/help me. We've come up with a basic weekly plan based around squats, bench, and dead lifts. Today was the first day of this new routine, so here's what I did:

2 warm up sets
-45# (just the bar, to get a feel) x 5
-65# x 5

Regular sets 5x3-5 (pyramid)
-95# x 5
-115# x 3
-135# x 5 (could've done more, but lost my grip)
-135# x 4 (lost grip again)
-115# x 5

Rack Pulls (3x2)
-155# x 2
-185# x 2
-185# x 2 (stopped there to work on form)

-Kayak Twists w/ 5# medicine ball x50
-Hyper-extensions 20, 20
-Crunchy Frog (yeah, I've done P90x...) 25, 25, 25

Haven't tested my maxes yet, but I'll keep you all posted. I look forward to sharing my progress and staying motivated by watching yours!


This is my big, mean trainer. (Please ignore all of the lovely decor in our entryway).


Welcome! My gay mate would definitely go for your husband - he goes for hairy guys with shaved heads.
Do you find it OK being trained by him? A lot of people find it difficult to train with a partner.


Thanks for the welcome!

My husband is flattered. :slightly_smiling:

We've been training together for a while now. At first it was really tough because I was sensitive to criticism and really didn't know what I was doing. And, yeah, we fought a lot. Now that I've decided to put him in charge of my training, we don't have as many power struggles. If he critiques my form, I know what he means and how to change it. But it's definitely been a journey.


welcome Killer! Cool, another tiny, powerful woman to add to our fold. Definitely excited to see how you progress.


Welcome Killer. I train with my guy as well. Generally it goes pretty well. He doesn't train me, we just train and compete together. From time to time we bump heads though. It is a lot of fun to do together.

fwiw, I wouldn't be too hopeful about a smaller waist. Mine got thicker. Not fatter, just thicker.


welcome to the forums! glad to have you.


(Side pose for the awesome deadlift socks!)

Thanks for all the welcomes! I'm really excited to post my progress here.

Today's (5:30AM) workout:

Before I start, please feel free to correct me if I label something incorrectly, or you're not sure what I'm talking about. I'm still new at this!

DB bench:
(Warm Ups)
10# x 10
10# x 10

20# x 10
25# x 12
20# x 12

Lunges: 20 x 4
Squat Jumps: 10 x 3
Dips: 7 (I have just started being able to do these unassisted)
Weighted Stair Climbs: 30# x 3 (up and down the stairs = 1 set)

Today was what we are calling explosive/dynamic squat and bench. Tomorrow is squat strength. My forearms are really sore from the weighted stairs, which is new.


Love the socks!
Are you using dumbells for the stair climbs? You might find it easier to use a weight vest, or alternatively a backpack with weights in it. It'll save your forearms (although you might enjoy developing your grip strength by carrying the dumbells).


cute outfit K - welcome. Unassisted dips are where it's at.


Cal - I use dumbbells. I would personally prefer a vest or something, but I need to work on my grip. My forearms were killing me yesterday!

nlmain - Thanks! I'm working toward 5 in a row. Baby steps!

Today's workout was all about squats. I was looking forward to lockouts, but unfortunately we ran out of time. So here's what I did:

Squats (powerlift-style, on the rack)-

2 warm up sets, just the bar.

65# x 5
70# x 5
70# x 5

75# x 2
85# x 2

75# x 5
75# x 5
70# x 5

Nothing too exciting today, just focusing on form. I have always done them Olympic-style.
Thanks for tuning in!


hey nice socks, wanna.. um.. welcome you to the forums. anything we can help you with? I'm super jealous of your dips.. I still need 100lbs of assistance to get through my 5 sets x 12 reps ... and what ouroboro said - my waist also got thicker cuz muscle = thick.


Best way to have a tiny waist is to grow shoulders, ass and legs. it's the classic X illusion.


This! Your waist is more likely to get a little thicker from lifting over time, but lifting can also put muscle on in all the right places to make your waist look smaller.


Yay for another chicklet in the compound! I'm just a couple of inches taller. :slight_smile: I believe Nikki hails from Florida as well, and she's also about your height.

It looks like you know your way around the gym already. I'll be following along. Squats are just killer for me. Taking the time to focus on form is everything in terms of progress. Good for you for just working with some lower weights until you get comfortable.