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K-Bell Workshop in NYC, who's Representin'?

Heya T-Freques. I recieved an interesting email several days ago that a K-Bell clas will be held by Dave Ganulin (Kettlebell Concepts) on either Oct. 12 or the 13th. The shop will be held in Madison Square Park on 23rd and Park. So who else around the area can make it sportin’ the Black 'n Yellow? Hope to see some T-Renegades there. Lata.

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October weekends are rough for me, but if I’m free I’ll stroll across the bridge and check it out. I’m sure it’ll be a great experience.

what time is it? i go to school over there. let me know. laters pk

How much is the work shop?

The workshop is $30 and a time has not been set yet, I’ll keep you all updated and see if I can motivate Dave to posts here. Lata.

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I’m interested. Been thinking about getting into KB’s. Give us the when. Thanks MB.

Hey K-Bellers. The date for the K-Bell class has been pushed to Sunday, October 20 @ 1 pm in Madison Square Park. Take care. Lata.

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Never got into the kettleball thing, but if there’s a workshop going on in NYC, I might as well check it out!
Any more info (registration, contact info)?

Contact Dave on his website kettlebellconcepts.com

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K-Bell seminar approaches, fellas. So can I get a response on who will be at the park? Lata.

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latest update: Hello all! Have been hearing possible rain (please, no) for Sunday at 1. In that was, we will have to make due with a small (20’ x 20’) room in the following location. (It’s only a few blocks up from the park.)

TRS Profesional Suites
44 E. 32nd street, btwn Park and Madison
11th Floor

It’s a tight space for what might be about 20-30 people. Their largest room was unavailable, so I had to take what I could get in the area. It’s hard enough lugging these things around as is.


Show’s tomorrow, who’s coming?

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Well…how did it go?