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K-bell Kaos

Whuttup T-freques? I’ve been on a K-bell bender as of late for a drastic change in the normal abnormality of my trianing and for some simeltaneous strength increasing while fat torchin’. Anyways, I’d like to know if any of you (ahem, Mike Mahler…) have come up with some interesting (i.e. sick/twisted/brutal/inhumane) exercises w/ the K-bell. I have the 16kg. Dragon Door model, known affectionately but respectfully around here as “Chuck”. Thanks in advance, lata.

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Monkeyboy, I’m glad to see that you’ve been enjoying yourself with the kbell! It’s a great piece of equipment that will give a great workout. I’ve done many of the exercises as shown in the video and book put out by Pavel. And I’ve combined them into my own workouts. Sometimes I do circuits or sometimes I choose one exercise and work it for multiple sets. I love one-arm snatches. I haven’t done them in the past month since I’ve been using the MAG-10 and just hitting the weights hard, but I will go back to using the kbell again soon. It’s great for melting the fat.

Something you could try is the following: one or two-arm swings, snatches, overhead squats, jerks or military presses and side bins or the under-the-leg pass. I've done circuits like that for 3-5 sets. It's a helluva workout. Throw in some rope jumping and GPP or chins, and you have an awesome workout for the day.

I’ve used the kbell for a variety of other exercises as well: pullovers, curls, overhead triceps extensions and bent over rows. So the possiblities are endless when creating a workout plan! Good luck!

Nate Dogg, whuttup you silly f’n freque? How you been? Thanks for the routine. I have Pavel’s video and the book too, simply kickass stuff. I find that Kettlebell workouts keep me energized long after I’m done, no idea why. Anybody catch UFC on PPV last night? Pure T-driven psychosis. I’m out. Lata.

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Guys, try a bottoms-up. Basically an overhead press but the ball end is up top, so you need massive grip strength to keep it that way. An incredible exercise. You can vary the ROMs, from full, half, and quarter, etc.