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K.Baggett's Vertical Jump Program


I'm just wondering if any of you guys have tried or know someone who has tried Kelley Baggets Vertical Jump program. Im just wondering what type of gains were made if any in jumping and sprinting. Thanks


I have his VJ book and I think it is an excellent book. KB is a very bright mind


I've read everything on his site. He knows his stuff. I would trust any program he devises.


It's a great book.


Firstly do you mean the program that he and Jason Nocross (i think it was him and ??? spelling his last name) were talking about here approximately 3 or so years ago?

A program published on his or other internet site or forum?

or a program from the book the vertical jump bible?

If its the thing that he and Jason did here at T-Nation a couple of years ago it will be good, probably not as good as the newer stuff...

The best thing that you can really do though will be to buy the book, read it and apply it to yourself...

Kelly will be the first to tell you that blindly following any program regardless of how good it is is not optimal... learn the principles and apply them in a way that is tailored to your goals what/when you have access to etc...

having said all that... there are some sample programs in the book for all different levels of experience/ expertise and if did want to follow a program following one from the book that best suited your ability and preparedness would be a great start...

if you do that and still have problems im sure you could email or PM him on any of the forums he posts at and he would help out...

to answer your question and not sit on a highhorse ive read a lot of kellys stuff and use a good deal of his advice in my training, although I havent followed a program of his verbatim.


I bought his book, but haven't fully read and applied the information yet. It's great from what I have read thus far.

That dude should be writing for T-Nation. Get him a Locker Room, quick!


I second what Chris Aus just said- I really don't like vertical jump "programs", because they are often not individualized. With that said, I have read everything on Kelly Baggett's site and his article at Inno-Sport and he really does know his stuff I think. Definitly read up on his stuff and learn the ideas behind them so you can apply his programs properly.


Very smart dude. I think he should be writing for the nation as well. Everyone should check out his site and especially his Q&A sections. Great stuff.



i am actually doing his intermediate strength and plyo program(strength focused). I had a 24 inch vertical when i started and after phase 1 which is 4 weeks i gained 2.5", and i am on week 6 of the program, so in 2 more weeks i will have another measurement.

honestly his book is worth getting just for the plyometric programs in there, they are amazing.


I just got done reading the book and have read all the stuff on his site...all of it looks really good and he explains everything in great detail...i'll be starting one of the workouts from the book in the next few weeks so i'll post how they went


Where did ya'll find the book and what's the title? I can't seem to find it on the net.


I'm doing the first workout of the 4th week of his reactive strength workout. It focuses primarily on reactive strength, rate of force development and speed, and secondarily maximal strength. I test this week to find out where I'm at. It is the farthest thing from cookie cutter programs. I think that the book is WELL worth the price of $39.99 and it is likely the most comprehensive material on the subject of VJ and training for it that I've read. Really an awesome buy!



Higher Faster Sports has it.

And read the articles and q&a's, I think I've read everything at least once or twice. And just to echo what some of you have already said, please add Kelly to the Nation - pay him loads of money if needed cause it would really be worth it.


I,too, have his Vertical eBook + Mental Advantage and Body Comp. Basics. I've read them and planning to continue reading them over and over again for them to sink into my subconscious. Yum...Yum...

Humongous amount of great info, all about VJ. I also read his Q&A's like you guys, and would like him to write for T-Nation as well!

I just started doing his Intermediate Full Program (Reactive Focused)...
Here I come 42 Inch Vertical!


"dude even if he was lookin a little down i would jiggle his balls"

--carlos mencias

...thats how i feel about KB, pure genius, worthy of some man-love.


thats some funny shit, yeah he should be a writer here, that would be great.


I gained two inches in 4 weeks! I just tested it on Teusday. I start Phase II of his Intermediate Reactive Strength protocol. Can't wait. So far so good. If I gain another 6 in the next twelve weeks, by June I'm tearing the rim off!



In fact, we should start a KB fan club...


lol How about autographs?


I wouldnt pay for your autograph Kelly. I know Jack M is the true genius whose material you rehash in your silly book and articles...


All hail JackM