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K-1 World GP


Who do you guys think will win?

Aerts vs Hari
Zimmerman vs Teixera

Karaev vs Saki
Bonjansky vs LeBanner

I think it would be cool if Aerts won his fourth title. I think who ever comes out of the Aerts/Hari quarterfinal wins the tournament. Maybe facing Bonjansky in the final.

I was impressed with Zimmerman this year. I don't know what to expect from Teixera, he gets better every fight and I get the impression he is made out of concrete or something the way stuff bounces off of him.

Karaev is exciting because he takes alot of risks and has a good workrate but he gets gets knocked out in spectacular fasion when he makes mistakes.

I think LeBanner has slowed down too much for him to beat Bonjansky. Bonjansky I think beats either Karaev or Saki.


Karaev vs Saki is something I'm gonna watch with a pounding heart.
Karaev embodies much of the excitment of K1, charging head on in a spectacular fashion while Saki is a fighter that made the best out of the few tools he was given. He is methodical, tough and a single punch brawler, who counters deftly, although often blindly .

As much as I like Karaev and cringe while looking at Saki's style, I think he has just right key to beat the Ossetian. If Karaev cannot overwhelm him in the first round, he will get knocked out hard.

I share Otoko's thoughts on LeBanner- Bonjasky. (Although I think Geronimo beat Bonjasky once, have to look that up)

Aerts is, although on of the very best, already forty? I know he loves his sport and is physically and more importantly mentally ther, but Hari will beat him, I think his star is rising right now.

Zimmerman vs Teixera , no idea


I am very pumped up about that Aerts vs. Hari fight. Although Aerts is 38 he looked great in his last Schilt fight.

He has a great chance to win that tournament. Hari is a very good striker but he showed weaknesses in his defence. His last opponents nearly knocked him out. I am not shure if he has the tools now to win the tournament. Maybe next year...

Dont overlook Geronimo! Every year he comes in with great shape and he is hungry. I would be very glad if he would win a tournament bevore he retires...

This year it is a very very interesting Tournament. Cant wait for it !


I think Hari will win it.



Not too far off. Stupid move by Hari, though. Totally uncalled for.


I feel sorry for Geronimo. Losing or missing great opportunities due to injuries is a recurrent theme in his career.


Full results, in case someone missed them:


Good showing by Hari in the quarter finals against Aerts.


Its just me or the HW K-1 becames less interesting each year? Its not even close to the great fights that used to happen in the 90s or in the K1 max.

Also i feel bad seeing guys like Aerts, Sefo and LeBanner fighting now compared to them in their prime.


Hari lost his fucking mind. What a shitty way to cap off a tournament.


Overall I thought is was a really good card.

Aerts really looked slow and clumsy. The guy is a legend but really looked past his prime. Hopefully it was just a bad showing. If not, I think he is going to have trouble with any of the quicker figthers like Hari, Bonjanski, or even Saki.

I would have rather seen Manhoef .vs Sefo. I really can't stand watching Choi. It's like he's in slow motion.

Teixeira looked better than I have ever seen him. I didn't give him much of a chance against Zimmerman but he looked good.

Zimmerman looked a little off in the first fight but the battle with Hari had to be the fight of the night.

I would put LeBanner in the same catagory with Aerts. Just seems to be losing a little bit of his edge. Actually LeBanner .vs Aerts would have made for a good fight. I think he is going to struggle against more active fighters.

I thought Saki looked really good. Like Hari, the guys is just plain nasty. I kept wanting him to pull his pants up a bit though.

Bonjanski looked a lot better than I thought he would. He seemed to be much sharper his second fight and looked pretty good against Hari, considering back to back fights. To bad it ended the way it did. No excuse for what Hari did, but there seemed to be a bit of acting on the part of Bonjanski.

It appears to me that K-1 would be well served bringing in some new talent. Some of greats that are still fighting will always put on a show, but seem to be showing their age a bit.


It's called nostalgia.
I found the fights pretty good.
What is your problem, is it the fighters or the fights?

The finalists were really the two best, but the outcome is still unsatisfactory.
Bonjasky probably thought of his fight with Sapp when he was down. I reall don't have a clue why Hari was such an ass.


Not saying that the fights are bad. Also there are some very talented fighters there. But k1 used to be really great.
In the begining there some really good fighters at their prime and they seemed to be very even, one guy would win the GP and get KOed in the first round next fight, it was very unpredictable.

Also when guys like Filho, Hunt and Mirko came they already started at the same level the other top guys. Nowadays seems more like the new guys are competitive because the older guys are washed up not because the new generation out classed the former generation(like happened in mma).
Or maybe its just nostalgia like you said.


I think we can meet exactly in the middle.

Old K-1 was crazy exciting and unpredictable, but in a very good way.
I still consider Hug KOing Bernardo with his "tornado kick" (low reverse roundhouse) the most awesome ever KO. I could literally write a whole article about the fight, the build up tension, the rivalry and competitve spirit between the two, down to the actual kick.

Still, guys like the obviously insane Hari, Karaev or Zimmermann are very talented and entertaining fighters. The Bob Sapp of yesterday is Hong Man Choi. And while some oldtimers aren't exactly washed up, like Aerts, you can really see Hari outboxing him, precisely because he can throw better and crisper straights then Aerts ever could.

But hell I do miss the magic of bygone K1 days!


Absolutely. The Golden Age of K-1 is long gone, and with guys like Hari coming in to replace the legends, it's not the same. And not just because of nostalgia, Hari has the worst attitude of any top-level fighter I've ever seen, with perhaps Mike Tyson being an exception.

On the other hand, K-1 Max puts on a great event every single time.


Badr Hari may face punishment from K-1

The fallout from Badr Hari?s illegal foot stomp of a downed Remy Bonjasky in the K-1 World Grand Prix final, may not have ended with the red card he received signaling his disqualification.



Let me go ahead and say outside of the Pride GP's, that was the best event I ever watched.


it was a great event. but haris attitue is unacceptable. Especially his comments later when he already should have thought about the incident. What a dick

Beside that there were great fights. To bad for LeBanner losing again because of an injury. He fought great against Bonjasky... He is such a great fighter and never won and probably never will win a trounament...


i think Hari should not be allowed to enter the next tournament.

He cannot flip out because the defense of his opponent is to great...

If his opponent scores more points try to knock him out dont do such stupid things