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K-1 Max Orgasms!


I just f'n love K-1, especially K-1 MAX because it seems to be MUCH more technical fighting. So I figured I'd start another thread dedicated to MT/KB. Here it is. Let's start with favorite fighters, and fights.


Haven't watched the K1 scene as of late, but goddamn, I wanna post a tribute to Andy Hug. True Warrior. RIP Andy, your Axe Kicks and domination of the HW division will be sorely missed.


include youtube links to these fights plz.. i'm a UFC fan myself would like to see some things I haven't seen before


Good thread. How good is Gokhan Saki? I'd like to see him win the GP someday


Some videos for those asking for some.. Gokhan Saki vs Bad Hari http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOWMoRO94Do

pt 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgHLGUr0Bno&feature=related


Good enough to manhandle a few good fighters. He started off getting handled in his career...but had a pretty good win streak going up until his last 2-3 fights. He's just small for the HW's(215lbs)...and still has good amount of chub..lol. But he is only 25yrs old....so he still has room to improve.


Yeah, a fighter like him could seriously benefit from getting some of Overeem's "supplements". He's someone who's been fighting from a young age, would like to see him take his conditioning seriously and tear some shit up.


Yes,I agree. Although,I too would have a hard time with my conditioning with all that good Greek food yall have over there..lol.


Easily one of my favorite fights..with my favorite fighter,Badr Hari. His technique is so clean and straight:


I like how he emits hate so well too.


I was so surprised to see Hari get ko'd by Overeem. Just blew my mind, mostly because I never saw Overeem as that technical, and Hari is so technical. Also, he's the meanest looking K-1 fighter.


LOL..it's because he isn't right in the head. That's why I am still pissed about the Bonjansky fight. That was turning out to be real war. His fight with Errol Zimmerman was a war.

Speaking of Zimmerrman,he's almost in the same boat as Saki. He's young and talented,but his conditioning is awful.



I think there was some lack of respect on Hari's part...and he paid the price. Actually,there was a lack of respect from all the K-1 fighters...as all the MMA guys beat their K-1 counterparts badly that night.

But out of all the mma vs. k-1 fights,this has to be the best:


Artur Kyshenko....get your shit together,youngster.

Kyshenko vs. Souwer

Part 1:

Part 2:


Saki is a very good. He doesn't look like a fighter, but he's great boxer with vicious low kicks and can beat anyone when in top form.

From the K-1 MAX guys, my favorite is Artur Kyshenko. He and Petrosyan are the future of the MAX division, but IMHO Artur is more exciting to watch. His second fight with Souwer proved that he's supertalented, but still young in the sport.

As for the HW division, what do you think about Daniel Ghita? He dominated the last GP, but I would like to see him against the top dogs. Ghita's low kicks are fucking powerful, though, on the screen they look slow, but his wins were pretty much TKOs due to low kicks.

P.S Here's my favorite fight - Buakaw vs Masato - K-1 MAX 2004 Final:


I loved Ghita's last two fights in the '09 GP. The way he chopped both Yuki and Lashchenko down with those leg kicks was badass. You could make an argument against the quality of the opponents (as many have been doing), but they are both game fighters, and the wins were impressive either way. I think he could have won both fights without throwing a single punch and thats some serious skills.

Ghita vs Lashchenko

Ghita vs Yuki




hug v aerts


Oh man, the intro to that fight is so epic. Zambidis reminds me of a mini David Tua, great hooks, great chin but has a lot of trouble establishing his reach against longer and more technical fighters.


Remy Bonjasky is a lot of fun to watch. The guy is a really fantastic athlete, not to mention his knees are outrageous.