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K-1 MAX Final 8 Results


So, guys, did you see the event?

Looks like there aren't many K-1 fans here, but still, this is one of the biggest events of the year.

It was delayed over and over again, and some fights were not aired, but even after that, it was fucking awesome.


The fights were great, every one of them, or at least these that I saw.

For the second time, after the K-1 MAX Final 16 event, Giorgio Petrosyan's fight was cut. And this time he was fighting former K-1 MAX Champion, dammit. They showed a lame promo with Giorgio, 30 seconds long, and after that something like recap of his fight with Kraus, again 30 seconds long, which really sucked.
Giorgio got the decision. I don't like his style, but he's very talented, and it seems he really is the next big thing.

The fight that determined the semi-finalist that will stand against Giorgio was the fight between Gago Drago and Yuya Yamamoto.
This has to be the most exciting K-1 fight this year - non-stop action, and I mean they were throwing leather the whole time, it was like heavy bag work. In the end the judges scored the fight for Yamamoto. He has pretty good chin, because Drago connected with some hard shots, but I can see why the decision went to Yamamoto. I don't think he'll get to the scorecards against Petrosyan, but let's wait and see.

The second fight between Andy Souwer and Artur Kyshenko was the one I wanted to see the most. I'm a big fan of Kyshenko and I was rooting for him to beat Souwer again. Kyshenko got cut and was bleeding in the first, and by the time the third round started, he looked tired. Kyshenko got through with some good combinations and it went to Extra Round, but in the Extra, Kyshenko was even more affected from the exhaustion and accumulated strikes. Andy did his usual routine of methodical leg-kicking and countering and deservedly won the decision. Before the fight, Souwer said that he can't see Artur winning the tournament, because he's too young and lacks some physical/mental toughness. I can see how this can be true and I hope that after Artur gets some more experience, he'll be in K-1 MAX Final again.

If I had to choose one fight from the Final 8 that I couldn't watch it would have been Buakaw - Holzken. Even with Buakaw's somewhat shaky performances in his last fights, he's way tougher than the Dutch and I just couldn't see this as a very exciting match. Well, it seems that's what the producers were thinking the same, because this fight was not aired also. It's pretty lame to set up event called K-1 MAX Final 8, and then put on TV only 6 of the fighters, with 2 of them making less screen time than the commentator girl (which, by the way, was really gorgeous). Anyway, Buakaw won, and he'll fight Souwer in the semi-final.

The other fights were pretty good also. Kazuhisa Watanabe made short work of Atsushi Yamamoto, using some pretty crazy guard and fooling around all the time. He knocked Yamamoto down three times, before the fight was stopped.
Jae-Hee Cheon and the other, more famous Yamamoto, went straight to business - in the first minute it looked like Kid hurt the Korean, and tried to pounce on him, but in the exchange Cheon landed beautiful right uppercut-left hook combo and knocked him out. Kid tried, but couldn't make the 10-count. Seems like he's on a downward slope.

In what was proclaimed as the main event, Masato fought Tatsuya Kawajiri in K-1 rules. Putting MMA fighter, who's more of a wrestler than striker, against arguably the greatest K-1 MAX fighter with some sort of kickboxing rules seems like a bad idea, I thought.
Masato is not past-his-prime Kozo Takeda, and that was made pretty clear one minute into the fight. Kawajiri was clearly overmatched and after one knockdown in the first round, his corner threw the towel a little into the second. A match with Yodsaenklai would have been so much better...

Overall some really great matches, I can't wait for the final. If all goes as I want it, Petrosyan and Buakaw will be in the final, and the winner (no matter who he is) should give Masato pretty good fight for the last match in his career.


Love K-1..definately one of my favourite events. I get a lot of my info from IK magazine, I buy it every month and it keeps me up to date. I never get to watch the fights and don't know when they are. I really need to get on top of that somehow. Love seein the HW's fight too.


I'm not going to read the spoilers cause I want to watch the fights. I wish that you could pay hdnet to stream it online. Like 5 buck an event or something, because I'd like to support my sport. I think we have a decent amount of K-1 fans here, I know I'm one.


Fuck Time Warner Cable....!!


I'm not sure if you can find 1 K-1 aficionado for every 10 UFC fans here.

Don't misunderstand me, I think that UFC is great, but when I open the sub-forum and 90% of all new topics are "BJ Penn/Brock Lesnar/I destroyed them with my shins of steel"-related, it just doesn't look like there is interest for anything other.


K-1 is awesome. My favorite K-1 fighter has to have been Andy Hug. So many classic fighters, Bonjasky, Hoost, Aerts. I wish it was on PPV or something where I live.


Hmmm...I'd say realistically that it's probably 5 for every 10 UFC fans here. They just don't post as often....lots of BS going on in this forum.

Discussions from arm-chair experts about UFC(they forget about DREAM,Strikeforce,etc.) and redundant training questions from people that don't know how to perform a basic search have run the thread as of late.


Big Boss you have to lay the smacketh down on these combat forum noobs. The thing is, with combat sports, all the information is out there, has been for millennia, just have to practice.

Now, if someone figured out how to fly like in Dragonball Z...


I try not to get to caught up in trying to battle the "noobs." My energy is better suited towards actual training and discussions that I can learn from myself. But I do get sucked in every now and then by something so absurd that it's hard to "turn the other cheek."

Sharing actual knowledge and/or experience with topics in the forum makes for better discussions. We have a ton of posters in Combat Sports that are good with that....they just get ignored. They are overshadowed by posters that like to argue to prove they know more than the next when it comes to this forum...well mostly just the UFC. Since we know the UFC is the only combat sport..lol.


Its like two weeks before and after each UFC you cant post or read here
anything about training- where else would you put posts like that-

and I agree with bigboss getting sucked in is hard not to avoid.

K1 is the shit, but hard to find where to watch.


They also have the best commentary....by far.


You mean "The Voice"?

He's damn good commentator, he loves the sport and does his research before fights. Aaand he's hilarious:

"A female groupie backstage at an Elton John concert would have more chance of picking up than this fighter does of winning this fight."

"He's scored more than Tommy Lee at a boat party"

"I just set up a Myspace Page for him under the name 'Man Who Doesn't Jab' ... he's already got 40 friends!"

"If punches were people, he'd be China!"

"I`m sure somewhere in the world Drago is depriving a village of an idiot."

...and of course...



Damn,I wish Kyshenko would get his cardio up. He's an animal with great potential at 22yrs old.


Any bets that Souwer demolishes Buakaw this time??


I'm betting that Buakaw will beat Souwer again. Or at least I would like to.

Did you see the post-fight interview of Kyshenko? He looked pretty disappointed because of that cut in the first round. Apparently, it was a headbutt. I bump foreheads with training partners pretty often, but never that hard that it would stop the session.

No matter what, Artur has bright future in front of him. These new Japanese stars like Hiroya or Nagashima are nowhere near the level of talent he or Petrosyan possess.


Some people just don't have it no matter how hard they train.