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K-1 Dynamite


Anybody watching


Aoki disappoints again. Well not me, since I'm not really a fan, but most of my friends are changing their tampons.
Alistair is a beast. But yes, something didn't look right about that finish. Maybe Duffee froze up when that knee hit his solar plexus, and got caught, maybe...
Saku looked better than I expected, but still... RETIRE God damn it.

That's all I got, have yet to watch the rest, it's New Years afterall.


Were you surprised by Gegard?


Just watched the fight... not really. Like Trigg said, Gegard was a K1 fighter before he was known as an MMA guy. And his standup has always looked sharp in the context of MMA.
Admittedly I don't follow K1 as much as I should, and have only watched one Kyataro fight (JLB); wasn't that impressed. The draw (and subsequent DQ) was more Lebanner gassing than anything.


Kawajiri's clinch work is incredible. Seriously, wow. Some nice positional grappling from both fighters.

There's a thread on the UG saying Kawa can take Edgar. I disagree. His standup is still below par relative to guys like Frankie, Penn, hell even Gomi. But that grappling was really impressive last night (TWSS).


I didnt get to see the card. What exactly do you mean about Oveereem vs. DUffee?


It looked off the first time I watched it ('off' as in I thought Todd took a dive, wouldn't be a first in K1). After rewatching it, and focusing on how hard the knee landed, yeah I think it was understandable. Even if it was in fact a dive, Todd wasn't winning that fight, not with the prep time he had.


Thats what I thought you meant. Sounds more like Duffee doesn't exactly have good awareness or a good chin. I assumed he took the fight for pure money reasons. He didnt have a chance and losing to Alistair will in no way improve todds name/marketability. I think it would be funny if the UFC were to cut him for losing to Overeem in a promotion outside of the U.S. that most UFC fans dont even follow.


He's already cut from the UFC, after his loss to Russow. It had something to do with politics. Some marketing reps at the UFC poked fun at his old job at Dairy Queen on Twitter, and he retaliated saying their sense of humor sucks. I guess Dana White saw no reason to keep him around after his last performance.


looked good for making the weight cut? he didnt get to show much before his ear practically got ripped off. but i do agree with he needs to retire, although he said afterwards he plans to fight again..


Point, he looked a little sharper than the last few fights, still got dominated though.


He got beat by a Gracie, he should retire.