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JW's Cacophonic Come back


WOW, Made the thread limit. Another bunch of drivel destined to end up as cyperdust. So I start a new thread, Trying to find my way back. I am really struggling to find my way back to where I was before I got sick and my personal life went to hell in a hand basket. It's a struggle and I hope the light hearted, wanting to get ugly strong Wilson will return soon. Until then, I hope I don't depress any of y'all, drive you to drinking, Prozac and Litihuim...

Dateline Wednesday : 4:26 am wandering with a sense of propose back day

Squat warm up: 135x20
Kroc rows: 3x90x15
Lat pull down: 3x120x15
Face pulls: 3x90x15
Hammer low row: 3x55x15

OK, back to week day high rep training and weekend high weight work. Still don't know the whole direction I am headed, but I have this part down so far. One step at the time, I guess. For some reason, this morning's training had a bit more of the old 'snap'.Maybe it was the pea soup fog that wrapped the area over night. I did leave the gym pretty happy with my work.

JW:s morning thought: Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.


Let the numbers you're pushing in the gym not matter for awhile. Just get in great shape. You're not alone in your misery. My in-laws are moving in less the two weeks (forever) and I'm way deep in debt. I just keep smiling and lifting.


Leave it all in the gym buddy... :slight_smile:


the lifting and this place is the only thing that keeps me sane. by the way, lithium and jim beam together will have you crawling around and mooing like a cow. its pretty funny when it happens to someone else.


those hours in the gym will help make issues just be road bumps


Just keep banging the weights brother...high rep work will clear mind and other bodily functions! By the way, I am huge fan of face pulls!!


where you at...?


Thanks guys. They are doing ths site work on our new EMC just up the street and the cut our phone lines. So we were all internetless for the weekend. The wife and baby couldnt play Farmville and Farm Town in Face book and not lifitng forums or internet porn sites for me.. Dammit!

Dateline Saturday 5:15 am Bench day with direction

Squat warm up 135x20
Bench Press: Bar x20, 135x10, 185x8, 5x225x3, 265x1, 185x11
Incline DB supersetted with dips: 3x55x8, BWx6, 2xBWx5
JM in the Smith: 3x185x6

I'm going to do one of these Tim Henriques kick ass bench programs. I started the one he outlines since 300 was my last decent max. The 265 single went up easy. I had 2 in me. that really gave me some confidance that i haven't lost all my strength. So here I go. I'm going to be a disciple of Henriques for the bench. Now I need to find my assistance work. I'm not sure about which exercises, or the weights and reps. I think I'm still going to keep the high rep days in the routine on my Tuesday bench day.

My diet has sucked... Saturday I took my peeps on a trek for a hot dog. We rode a few hours away to this little place in Washington, NC called Bills Hot dogs. they steam the buns, slow fry the hot dogs in Crisco and serve a spicy white bean chili. I had 6 with 2 Diet Pepsi's. My diet is shot all to hell! So I gotta get back in the saddle on my whole damn program!

Dateline Sunday 5:30 am back day

Squat warm up 135x20
Kroc rows: 3x110x8
Lat pull downs: 2x150x8
Face pulls 90x10, 110x10, 130x8
Shrug: 270x15, 2x320x6

I'm searching for some more back work. I think I will add some rack pulls next week. I probably need to get back to the rear delt raises and maybe some DB snatches. Who knows? I gotta get back really working again!

JW's morning thought: People who live in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses.


Great work. I knew the bench wasn't fried. You'll be cruising past 300 in no time. How many bench days does this program have?
I always feel really out of touch when I have no internet access.


I have to bust your balls about drinking diet soda with six hotdogs.


And fried hotdogs at that!


I have serious hotdog envy.


Wow a couple of nice sessions and a bonus banquet to boot! Good livin'. But I'm ECO, in for penny in for a pound..whats up with diet soda..that should have been a root beer float with unlimited refills!!


Ok, now I found you.


All right, bust my ass on the Diet Pepsi.. I dont like regular Pepsi in a bottle. No fountian drinks at Bill's Hotdogs, just hot dogs, chips and bottle drinks.. No eat in either, all carry out. The line wraps around the store and its always 10-15 folks deep...

Dateline Tuesday, 4:24 am High rep bench day

Decline bench press: 2x155x15 155x12
Hammer incline: 3x55x15
Flat Fly: 3x35x15
Dips: 3xBWx5
Triceps push down: 3x60x15

Blasted through the workout in about 45 minutes. The flat flys, dips and push downs were done in super sets. I increased the weights a little bit. I wanted to work a little harder. I guess it worked, I couldn't get above 15 reps. I'm such a weenie boy!

Kind of a quiet day in store. My daughter has her spring concert for the 6th grade band tonight. I'm going to take movies!

JW's morning thought: My wife and I always compromise. I admit I'm wrong and she agrees with me.


Hey JW, I am living that dream in your morning thought!! Nice work, I hate supersetting because it lets me know how good a shape I am not in...


Pepsi... Isn't Pepsi a North Carolina original?

Good to see you building up some momentum and feeling like pushing it.
I hope things are calming down for you.


OG supersets kill me too. I dont know why I do them.
Skip, Pepsi was first made in New Bern, NC; a couple of hours down the road! I was weaned on that stuff!


I looked that up a few minutes ago. Turns out that RC and Coke are both from GA. We southerners sure do like the sweet stuff.

I forgot to ask earlier...how is your cough? Did it ever fully go away?


Thanks for asking Skip. It's a lot better. I have had some allergy issues for the first time ever in my life.. the whooping cough is gone, replaced by an allergy cough!