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Justin Wanker

Justin, what is your background and what brings you here to this forum? Your med background interests me, and makes me curious why you are checking out this forum. Do you want huge tremdous retarded tremendous stupid large freakshow circus like muscles which scare not only children but grown adult men like the rest of us, or is it just to brush up on the chemical aspect.

haha, I used to be JWright, then Justin Wright, then Patricia said I should be Justin Wanker, so I changed it just for her :slight_smile:

I’m a PhD student, not an MD or DO student. There is a hyooooge difference, and most people don’t understand it. MD/DO people are huge databases of information. They just collect patient data and then spew a remedy from their database (no offense to any doctors). Me, on the otherhand, I actually think for myself and formulate my own hypotheses. It’s really cool because I get to study stuff no one has ever seen or even thought about. I like it a lot.

I just saw this thread and decided to comment because cancer is my background. I love the stuff, so I thought I could edgumacate some of you intelligent steroid guys on cancer and how improbable it is to get cancer from 'roids. I’ve done mag-10 and 4-ad-ec, but I don’t plan on doing injectables for a long, long time, if at all. My goals at the current point are strength, speed and fat loss. I’m a grappler, so I would like more strength/speed without A LOT of additional mass, with the added fat loss so I can be a weight class down.

That’s me in a nutshell. Wow, I got an entire thread dedicated to me. I feel special :slight_smile:

You guys should really look at some of the other forums here. I’m the 2nd or 3rd most poster at t-mag right now, and you didn’t know who I was. That’s pretty funny :slight_smile:

Oh, and I don’t see patients.

Justin is also engaged, so he is no longer taking applications for girlfriends. Thank God, as that was a time-consuming process to go through all of them.

As long as they send nudie pics, I’m game for still taking applications.

Justin you fucking wanker. First off, I am the one who suggested you change your name to Justin Wanker. I believe Patricia suggested wanger. I’ll let it slide since Patricia has nicer “gluts” than me :slight_smile:

Secondly, does PhD stand for Player Hater’s Degree? To say that doctors don’t think for themselves and are nothing more than databases going through the motions is ridiculous. True, we do have to acquire a huge database of knowledge, but you’re completely dismissing the other aspect of medicine: how we use that knowledge to diagnose and treat patients. You have to have strong problem-solving skills and the ability to apply clinical reasoning techniques in order to use that database of info. Each new patient is a unique and complex problem with many variables. Why do you think many med schools are integrating problem-based learning curricula (the program I chose in med school)? It’s because we do need to think for ourselves in order to sift through the vast sea of information that is available.

I’m not really offended, as I know you weren’t trying to insult docs. But if you really believe that docs don’t think for themselves, you don’t understand what it’s about. When a doc spews a remedy from his database of info, research data (from PhD’s) is only one aspect of what goes into that decision. Past experiences, reasoning, problem-solving, statistical data, and sometimes gut feelings and intuition also go into the decision. Otherwise, you could just enter your symptoms and relevant data into a computer and have your diagnosis. It’s just not that simple. And that’s not even getting into the humanistic side of what doctors do, which also includes thinking for one’s self.

Lastly, I didn’t know you were involved in cancer research. Oncology is one of my top choices for specialty. The science aspect of cancer is fascinating stuff. I’d say you picked a great subject to study since there is so much we still don’t understand. The more smart people working on it the beter.

Oh yeah, and MD’s do have the ability to participate in research when they want to test a hypothesis. The research process is a team effort between PhD’s and MD’s/DO’s/nurses, etc. since we’re the ones who have to apply the findings to the clinical setting.

It was a short explanation. The med students here at Wash U are a bunch of kissasses and have trouble keeping up with us “thinkers” if they take the same class as us. They have to take Molecular Cell Biology with us (if they are MD/PhD) and it’s like they can’t think for themselves. They are always the ones asking dumb fucking questions. Then they have animosity towards us PhD’s, when we don’t do anything to or with them. It’s ridiculous.

Yes, more than a database goes into it, but that database isn’t “complete” in med school. It’s more you are filled with tons of info, then you have to make the connections for yourself. But I’ll be damned that you don’t forget all the shit you learn in med school that won’t apply to your specialty. There’s an MD/PhD in my lab right now who basically doesn’t know jack shit about skeletal structure, and she just took it within the past 2 years (she’s in her first year of her PhD part of the program).

I didn’t try to stir up shit, but that’s how us PhD’s feel about the MD’s here. Give a doc some symptoms and they can think of numerous things, but then they also rule out numerous things. Just like a database would. Sorry if I pissed you off.

And yes, credit Scrub for my name change.

For the last time its JARED not Justin ;).

#1 - I want the shout out for givin you all this publicity. Like you said, no one here knew who the fuck you were last week.

#2 - Most likely we never heard of you because this thread I beleive is pure meatheads. We really don’t give a fuck about making freinds on the other threads, or even the shit they talk about. Most likely we know all that shit already. Its all about how to get big fast…thats why I love this place.

#3 what are you waiting for! just juice! hahaha. JK. But if you are looking to make strength gains without weight increase try some ANAVAR aka OXANDRINE aka OXADRIN.

#4 You are a good addition here.

#5 Hook me up with Patricia. Im sexy.

#6 Your a fucking wanker.

ko will beat your ass if you try to hook up with Patricia, no matter of your sexiness. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you should really get out of the steroids forum every now and then. We do have decent things to say. At least you could yell at someone in the O/T board.

hey lats in case you never leave this forum most people post on multiple forums. correct me if i’m wrong but you’re still a juice virgin yourself aren’t you, making it virtually impossible for you to give out steroid suggestions. posts like yours are the reason people think so low of steroids and the use of steroids.