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Justin Harris Rules


This guy is awesome. A real straight shooter - I love his uncomplicated style, and the way he just cuts thru all the bullshit right to what's important....

There are many folks who could takes a few pointers from Mr. Harris - plus he's pretty fucking huge....



Good video. There's a whole set of these videos on Youtube, really easy to find if anyone's interested.

Edited for ya... :wink:


Yeah, his training videos are badass.


Ha ha - nice. Yea, I've seen some of his insane lifts - awesome shit!


justin harris is awesome.


cool guy.


Powerlifter, bodybuilder, trainer... probably somebody I don't wanna mess with but someone I'd definitely take as a coach.


he's a nutrionist also

i saw a clip of him talking about supps and exercise on a news station. he started talking about some shit exothermia...i dont even know but it had to do with blood to the extremitites in the cold, etc and it blew my mind cause most pros know about the sport but as far as the really fancy science stuff they dont have a clue its usually just the little twirps who care about that stuff.


Don't forget future PH.D candidate in Physics.


Yeah I remember watching that clip, I LOL'd when he said the word mythochondria and the lady interviewing him was like WTF?!

I didn't know that, but if it's for real this guy will never stop impressing.


Yip, everytime I'm doing standing militarys to the front I always think of that beast doing them with 225 for like 14 reps or something retarded like that.


And he was/is a fellow DCstroyer as well.

You're really the only one not getting it to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol.... that's pretty gross....


I co-sign this.


lol! Seems like all the cool kids are doing DC. It just doesn't feel right. It's not that I lack intensity it just feels like it isn't enough work. If I don't bust my ass I can't afford to eat. A still standing phobia from my FFB days. I incorporate certain aspects of it though in my training namely the RP portion towards the end of my last max working set.


he knows how to manipulate weight, no wonder he can lift so much


Harris is a beast and I enjoy reading his stuff and listening to his interviews.


Yay for Justin Harris

I wanna grow up and squat 500 lbs for 16 reps, just like him.