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Justin Harris 40 Rep Chins!!!


One beastly mofo...


its a real shame hes had such serious injuries hes impressive on so many levels.




LOL, I was like those are chins, then he reached like 5




The video is not as funny as the stupid smucks commenting it.


what serious injuries?


hes had a number of medical issues for years, he details them when he posts on his log over at elite. this is just one example, i think from maybe 3 or so months ago.

I had an appointment with a specialist the next day though, so I figured I'd fix my back up good for the xrays.

This is the first time I've seen this doctor and I think I like him.
He's the first guy that seemed to think something other than "meathead" when he talked to me, or at least he's better at hiding it.

He was also the first doctor that seemed to be concerned with my fevers. I've had a fever pretty much 24 hours a day for 2 years, and started having them after heavy squat workouts as long as 5 or 6 years ago.

He still couldn't give me much information though. He said my x-ray had a lot of abnormalities, but it's tough to figure out. He said it was very abnormal, and something was obviously very wrong, but it's tough to see exactly what is going on.

He said there is a ton of inflammation through all my thoracic spine....and because of it, those vertebrae look bright white like a painted wall (my cervical are gray and somewhat transparent).

He said he couldn't even see what was going on because the vertebrae completely blocked the x-rays.

One thing he seems to think is that I have some kind of rare arthritis. It was something I have never heard of, but he said it happens in young people.


i found another pull up vid that was linked to justins.

this guy is honestly sick


lmao! On a serious note, I want his shoulders


His grip is pronated and his reps are partial in ROM. It's impressive for sure, but I wouldnt qualify those as full movements. Big ass back though.


Impressive for sure?


LAUGH OUT LOUD. "his reps are partial in ROM" did you watch past the opening 5 seconds, cos im guessing no.


the kicking frog...always helps get thos last few hehe


The vid was a joke.

You're almost as bad as the people commenting on youtube, shame on you :wink:

("in the mid to upper 200's people can't rep chins" <-bwahahaha)


damn now im guessing maximusB was joking and the joke is on me lol!


We need some proper "emoticons" (ha) like on IM.


I would consider this a joke, but YOU just might be serious.


He obviously caught Nate Green's "Things You Should Know How To Do #1: The Pull-Up" article and spent some time working on his form.



I didn't see one chin there. More like a few 3/4 and 1/2 chins followed by a bunch of x reps.