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Justin Bieber: What the F#%#?


Well. I guess Hip Hop is dead. I'll think I'll stick with music that can never be tainted: Country-Western.


LOL didn't think it was "hiphop" but yeah, I know what you're saying.

I don't really spend too much time hatin on these type of songs anymore cuz it's really pointless. I mean, I'm all for pure lyrical shit but what can you do?


Wow dude. At first I thought it was one of those parody videos (I got suckered with LonelyIsland's 'I'M ON A BOAT', and now if it seems kinda goofy, I assume it's a parody) but then I realized like, none of these kids had braces. And then I was like 'It's a pool scene, and they're not walking around in thong bikini's? WT...' and then it hit me that they're like, twelve.

And then I felt kinda dirty. Not really though.

I like how he's talking about his 'one life, one breath', and he's like, ten.

I like how at the end, Usher shows up and he's like 'What the F*#K are all these white kids doing at my crib?'

No, wait, thats what Ice-T would have done. Usher was like 'oh shucks guys, have a good time'.

I didn't know this kid existed before today. Now I want to punch him in the face. No, actually, I want to befriend him, and peer-pressure him into losing his virginity to an overweight hooker who in turn will introduce him to siphylus and hepatitus. And maybe paternity lawsuits, if she's got half a brain. Fuck.


tyffany1998 (1 minute ago)
HE IS SO FUCKEN HOTTTTTTTT.hey justin if u evr need any1 im the 1 to cum to!!!

WTF ...


11 years old???


Jesus fucking christ.

I wish I could see this video, it's "banned in my country".


You better thank God for UK censorship. Just imagine an 11 year old white kid imitating Usher. But Gayer. And then add Usher to the video. Which makes it Gayer.


Those girls...


It's not only the "message" of the post - well thats wore enough - but the language/typing used by a 11 year old girl ... again WTF!


Bwahahahaha. 11 year old "rappers" huh?

What are your record labels thinking?


I don't know. You can mock us now, but in 3 years, UK will have the same problem.


Hip-Hop is still alive. You just need to know where to look:

and my personal favorite from the last couple years:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ONipjGhGYw (this is an absolute must-listen. musical and lyrical genius)

There are countless artists out there worth listening to, but most of them are far from mainstream.


ugh, stereotypical, uninventive lyrics and beat, bastardised further with a prepubescent, remixed voice. and now that shit's stuck in my head. fucking christ...


Highschool Fuckin' Musical has a lot to answer for!


Indeed. Who fuckin' started that shit!


The local radio stations rip this guy to shreds cuz he's just from a smaller town. Seriously though, if this was my kid I wouldn't answer to being his Dad.


It seems like the new thing is to find young "talent" on youtube and then turn them into huge fucking stars. Justin Timberlake did the same thing with Esmee Denters and now obviously Usher is doing the same. It is a shame... there are much more talented kids out there who may never get the same opportunity.

Oh well, it does'nt annoy me quite as much as the Jonas Brothers. "Reeeed dressss. Red dress!!"


Hmm, I didn't watch the video until 45 seconds in because I had it minimized. I thought it was a girl singing and was waiting for the actual "hip hop" part.


Damn! You know it's a wild party when silly string is involved.


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What the fuck!?

So that's.... 5000 "gay" comments, 45.000 "omg schmecksi boii cum fcuk meh n0w pl0x" comments, and about 10.000 posts criticizing the gay posts.

That's about youtube guidelines, right?